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USAID Business Forecast and the AID Yellow Book

The USAID business forecast is a crucial resource that you should not be without. It is issued quarterly and provides important information about USAID’s development awards, including grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements. In addition to providing the latest figures, this publication also contains detailed information on past awards. If you are a developer, you should have a copy of the latest USAID business forecast before applying for funding.

AID Yellow Book

The USAID Yellow Book helps partners improve their USAID business forecast, award management, and post-award opportunities. It contains data on current and future active awards, including task orders, blanket purchase agreements, GSA schedules, and stand-alone contracts. The tool also helps partners track expiring awards up to five years in advance.

The Business Forecast is updated quarterly and contains information on funding and partnership opportunities. It includes helpful information such as estimated dollar amounts and the anticipated dates for awards. In addition, it also lists the point of contact for the program at USAID. There are two forecasts, one for the current quarter and one for the next quarter.

Washington Business Forecast

The Washington Business Forecast for the first quarter of 2019 is out, and it shows that the state’s economy is poised for growth. The state ranked first in the nation in the production of apples, pears, and sweet cherries. The state is also the leading producer of hops, asparagus, and asparagus seeds. Washington also has four container terminals and a fully automated grain terminal. Moreover, the state has several large industrial complexes, including oil refineries and wind power plants. Wheat is also one of Washington’s top agricultural exports.

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The Washington Business Forecast differs from Mission Business Forecasts in that it includes information on prime and subcontracting opportunities for small businesses. It also lists future opportunities that small businesses can take advantage of, such as IDIQ awards. The Washington Business Forecast also includes blanks for information that may not yet be included in the Mission Business Forecast or the Small Business Administration compliance requirements.

The state’s economy has experienced growth over the last two years. The current forecast for revenue in Washington indicates that the state will grow by more than $1.5 billion in the current biennium. This increase in revenue is attributed to the creation of 60,100 new jobs in the state since the February forecast. Also, the state’s unemployment rate fell from 4.1% in April to 3.9% in May. However, the impact of the recent pandemic on Washington state’s revenue is unclear.

The state’s economy has experienced a dramatic change in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While projections show that the economy has declined since the pandemic, recent months indicate that the state’s economy is recovering. The Economic and Revenue Forecast Council (ERFC) met on April 30 to update its April 2020 budget outlook. It used the February revenue forecast for the budget outlook. It also reflected no significant changes in revenues and appropriations for the 2019-21 biennium.

The Economic and Revenue Forecast Council’s most recent report shows that Washington’s state budget collections are expected to grow by $3.2 billion over the next two-year budget cycle. The report shows that the state’s General Fund revenue will hit $59.3 billion by the end of 2023, the end of the current budget cycle. It also notes that the state’s retail sales tax collections grew more than the June quarterly report.

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Presolicitation notices

A Presolicitation notice is a request for proposals by USAID for technical assistance or delivery service. This notice is required under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and is published as a part of the Mission Business Forecast. Applicants are encouraged to review the Notice for complete details.

Expires awards for re-competition five years in advance

The AID Yellow Book is a tool designed to help partners improve their USAID business forecast and management of awards. The tool can be used by small, medium and large commercial organizations, faith-based and local organizations, and public international organizations in their USAID business strategies.

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