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Why Link Building is so important for SEO?

Link Building is a game-changing strategy when it comes to SEO.

If you own a website but don’t focus on SEO, your website is like a car that has no fuel.

The only people that will visit your website will be the ones with whom you have shared the website link. However, if you want to reach qualified customers using relevant keywords, then SEO is a mandatory activity.

Even if you optimize your website content with all the relevant keywords, you will not be able to achieve top ranks for keywords in Search results because your website lacks authority and trust. Search Results are a competitive space, If you don’t boost your website with links, there are chances that a website that works on link building will always beat you and take away your potential clients. Through link building, you can increase the trustworthiness and authority of a website.

SEO results are dependent on 3 factors: Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Through the use of keywords, you can convey expertise and relevance in a domain. However, trust and authority will depend majorly on your website’s backlinks.

The search engine is like a real web. The more the number of links that direct to your website, the stronger will be your web. However, relevance is also important. Where is the link coming from? Is it coming from a related site?  Is there any relevant context to the link? The quantity, quality, and context of the links will determine your trust, expertise, and authority to help you rank for important keywords.

Each backlink is like an endorsement from their site to yours. It increases your site’s authority and trust. Not creating backlinks is a waste of your website. No matter how beautiful it is, not many people will ever see it.

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As a beginner, you don’t need to complicate link building. It’s simple, you need to be mentioned on more and more authoritative and relevant sites.

Only 3 things you need to remember and follow to Build Links for SEO

To build links, you simply need to focus on 3 things:

1) Context – Using Anchor text ( Words that will be hyperlinked with your website URL).

Contextual links are always preferred which is why guest posts are considered one of the best ways to generate links. Additionally, the use of specific keywords can help associate the context to the link.

2) Authority – You simply need to find the niche of the website or the keywords for which the website is ranking. You can also check a metric like domain authority, domain rank, or monthly traffic. However, these metrics are often manipulated. Hence, one of the best ways to check the authority of a site is to see the number of ranked keywords.

3) Trust – Lastly, the trust of the site can be found simply by checking indicators like Trust Flow and Spam Score, and it can be built over time with the regular posting of blog articles.