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Why is the role of a digital receptionist so important?

A digital receptionist deals with several works as phone calls, they have to take messages, forward calls, and answer basic FAQs for companies. The Modern virtual video receptionist software allows live, in-house, or outsourced digital receptionists to greet visitors from remote locations through video technology. Digital receptionists can now deliver face-to-face remote services through an integrated visitor management system. They also provide first-class customer service while enhancing workplace safety and saving costs. If any visitor needs help, they can select an option that can connect them to a digital receptionist located elsewhere in real time.

Possible benefits of using digital receptionists

Technologies like digital reception systems serve as an autonomous process that cuts out manual tasks at reception. The receptionists can now focus on face-to-face conversations to provide tailored customer service.

Let’s explain the possible benefits of this combination of digital receptionist and visitor management systems.

  • They can move from a reactive reception to an intuitive receptionist: A common challenge faced by reception teams are they react to unpredictable visitor traffic. It means:
  • The receptionists might not be aware of the changes in meetings or the visitors they are expecting
  • Queues at the reception area during peak hours
  • The receptionists rely on multiple manual tasks to check in visitors

Introducing a visitor management system that acts as a digital receptionist can remove the queues and manual tasks at the reception area. The reception staff can focus on more complicated administrative work and provide more personalized service.

  • Reduce holiday and training cover costs: Hiring a full-time receptionist or an iPad receptionist can be expensive to a certain extent. The cost-benefit can now be delivere using a digital receptionist and only paying for the time. One can spend on answering the calls or repurposing the reception staff to other internal resources.
  • Digital efficiency is improved: If one receptionist can process one visitor every two minutes. They can easily handle up to 240 visitors once they are dedicated to this task. The concept of Digital Efficiency is mainly based on removing manual processes and parts of workflows that require multiple touches. Looking at the concepts of measuring the reception’s efficiency such as:
  • Visitor satisfaction
  • Cost per visitor
  • Visitor capacity
  • Meetings that start on time
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Then the value of the combination of visitor management systems and digital receptionists comes sharply into the view of the world.

  • Ensured the best customer experience, with or without the receptionists on site:  Relying on human presence to process visitors is one of the biggest frustrations for the facilities team:
  • It can become a single point of failure
  • Sickness, holidays, and training require a massive cover
  • Peaks in traffic delivery queues as they cannot cope result in frustration
  • Lulls in traffic can be worse and lead to intense boredom or worse staff turnover in the office

However, with the support of a visitor management system that eliminates the repetitive tasks of processing the visitors, and a group of dedicated digital receptionists that are well-trained to provide professional customer service. One can ensure their reception service is always on point.


The first impression matters making the reception the first stop the visitors will encounter when they arrive at the premises. With receptionist visitor management, one can provide an end-to-end user journey that makes their visits memorable.