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Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending? List of reasons and fixes

Wondering Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending? Are you having queries related to your pending payment in the cash app account? If yes then it would be better to read this blog:

Pending payments are the unsuccessful payments that got declined during the cash app transactions. Sometimes, network issues, exceeding the money limitation, or nonverified cash app accounts can be a reason for pending payments. The good thing is that these pending payments can be canceled whereas other payments cannot be canceled. Get an insight into this blog to know everything about pending payments such as their causes and fixes:

Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending?

Many times users report the pending payment. Why does it happen? Let’s dive into to know the reasons:

If it is a network issue

When there’s a network connectivity problem, your transaction might get declined and stuck in the pending section. Usually, cash app payments get confirmed in a few seconds. But, due to network problems, this might cause the pending status of the payment.

Exceeded the limitation

When there’s a money transaction beyond the given money transaction limitation, your payment might get failed. This failed payment will be in the pending section. So, it is always crucial to send money within the limitations of the cash app.

Cash app finds unusual activity on your account

It’s a fact that the cash app keeps monitoring every account. This is to protect your money as well as data from scammers. If the cash app thinks that you’re sending money to a strange or suspicious person on cash app then your payment will get declined and payment will be in the pending section.

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Non-verified cash app account

Cash app users will be either verified or nonverified users. Cash app sometimes prevents the payment of non-verified users for security purposes. In such cases, the payment will fail and payment will be again in the pending section.

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How can I fix the issue of pending payment?

If your payment is in the pending section then you need to do these fixes to avoid the occurrence of such a situation:

Check your network

It is crucial that your device is having a better network connection to make the transaction successful. So, before starting any payment, you should ensure that the device is well connected to the internet.

Increase the limitation on cash App

Sometimes, the limitation of sending money causes this pending payment issue. If this is happening then it would be better to either make the payment within the limit or increase the limit. For this, you only needed to provide details such as SSN, phone number, and so on. In this way, you’ll be able to avoid the pending payment situation.

Make transactions with familiar ones

Another fix to this issue is you should make cash app transactions with only a known person. If you don’t know someone on the cash app then avoid making any transactions with them. The cash app detects suspicious accounts and then fails the payment so your money will be in the pending section.

Verification of cash app account

A non-verified account gets more declines than a verified account. If the payment is not getting failed then it will not be in the pending section. So, it is better to verify your cash app for successful payment. Make sure to prove your identity on the cash app so that you can become a verified user of the cash app.

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How can I cancel a pending payment on the cash app?

If a payment has been declined for any reason then you can sometimes see it in the pending section. This is not a usual scenario as failed payment money gets reflected in the same source from where it originated. If you want to cancel a pending payment then here’s what you can do:

  • First of all, the user will have to click on the Activity tab where you can see the pending payments.
  • Now, look at the pending payments from the list that you want to cancel. Now, tap on the CANCEL button that is available next to the pending payments
  • In the next step, you need to click on Yes to confirm


From the above, it is clear that payments are in the pending section because of network or non-verification of the account. In this blog, you will find both possible reasons and solutions that will fix the issue of Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending. Hope this blog helps in knowing the concept of pending payments on the cash app.