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Which Steam Deck Should You Get?

The Steam Deck handheld gaming console is now available globally. The days of registering for some sort of lottery to obtain this device are gone. 

However, with three different versions to pick from, and numerous options that conflict it can be. Difficult to decide what Steam Deck you ought to purchase. This is why I am a gaming console owner. Who’s written several pieces about Steam Deck gaming console. Is here to clarify what each model is and assist you in deciding which one is best for you.

Which Steam Deck Should You Get?

The primary thing to take into consideration when buying the Steam Deck handheld gaming console 256GB. There are a few choices, such as the highest-priced version has a different bag and a few virtual items. However, in regards to the way the gaming console differs in comparison to the others. They’re nearly identical except for the size of the hard drive. RAM CPU, GPU screen size, and other system-specific features are the same all over the board.

Your decision boils down to the amount of storage that is required: 64GB, 256GB but it’s worth considering the speed as well.

Both the versions of 64GB and 256GB using NVMe SSDs. That’s right, each of the Steam Deck versions will be quicker than the standard 64GB model, which is based on the eMMC format. Which is intermediate between traditional hard drives and solid-state drives.

I have my Steam Deck 64GB and when I updated and downloaded the latest software. That lets Windows games play in a Linux environment I ended up with just 22GB for storing games. I ended up using a 1-TB microSD card for storing games although. But it means I’m not able to enjoy the full speed. That is available on my eMMC hard drive when loading games or doing tasks. It’s not an issue. For others, the issue could be.

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On the other hand, consider the 256GB model as the Jack of all trades. It has a larger amount of storage and utilizes NVMe for the solid-state option. Which results in higher speed than the 64GB model and its price is between the three.

If you’re looking for the Steam Deck 256GB it’s the highest-end out of the bunch. The Steam deck handheld gaming console 256GB capacity is a standard gaming PC and offers plenty of room to store many AAA games. It also comes with a better bag. Woop.

Factor In Your Game Library

It’s important to think about what kind of games you’ll play with your Steam Deck. If the aim of the game is an AAA game that looks as great as possible, you’re likely to be using plenty in storage.

To put this into perspective If you installed each game on the Steam Deck 256GB the result would be 1GB. That’s not even considering the amount that operating systems as well as Proton versions occupy. In my Steam Deck handheld gaming console 64GB, after installing running the OS and software needed to run games installed, I had just 23GB of space for games.

This shouldn’t deter anyone from purchasing Decks, however, you’ll need to plan your storage space accordingly.

Can You Upgrade the Storage Later?

Its own internal drive can be upgraded either internally or via external storage. In order to upgrade it internally you’ll have to purchase the NVMe M.2 2230 SSD in addition and the prices currently are soaring due to the demand. This means that if you decide to purchase the most affordable model it’s not a matter of 64GB for the rest of your life.

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If you do choose to upgrade, be sure that you’re using the correct drive. Not all M.2 SSD is compatible with the handheld gaming console and installing a bigger (length-wise) drive may damage the Deck.

“The charger integrated circuit gets very hot and nearby thermal pads should not be moved. ” User Experience Designer at Valve Lawrence Yang said when discussing how to make room for larger drives.

A regular M.2 2230 upgrade will work However, it’s not a bad upgrade. It’s very similar to the one already on the device and shouldn’t harm your device.

Where to Buy

At the moment the only way to buy Steam Deck is via Wise Market Pakistan. However, it is possible to purchase a Steam Deck gaming console previously owned through third-party marketplaces I would not recommend that. If you buy a brand new one it comes with a warranty that you can take advantage of should something go wrong.

Overall there aren’t a lot of defective Steam Deck handheld gaming console on the market and it’s probably not worth the risk.


Like I said I picked the 64GB version and have no regrets. It’s certainly not as speedy as the other two Steam Deck versions, but the storage capacity was refilled within days. However, since I have an enormous SD card as well as an SSD in my dock it’s not impossible to get around it.

If you own thousands of Steam games Storage is likely to be the most important consideration. If you’re just playing games that are indie or emulated games that are up to PS1 64GB of storage will be more than enough storage. Visit for more details Wise Market Pakistan.

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If you’ve got the cash saved up and don’t wish ever to worry about storage for a while opt for the 256GB model.