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What makes Uni Card unique from other credit cards?

Since their introduction, credit cards have proven to be an extremely useful tool. Customers rely on it because of the ease of use it provides. Furthermore, the ease of repayment is what makes it more convenient to use. There are many credit cards available today, and Uni Card is one of them. It has a Split Bill Payment feature, which sets it apart from the competition. In addition, the pay ⅓ pay feature of it that allows customers to repay the amount in easy installments makes it interesting. Uni Card is a Lifetime Free Credit Card. Moreover, it comprises several other features like welcome benefits, rewards, EMI facility and etc that sets it apart from others. Read down below to understand What makes a Uni Card unique from other credit cards? 

What advantages set a Uni Card apart from others? 

Uni Cards, like other credit cards, come with a variety of benefits. The best part about getting it is that it is a lifetime free credit card. However, it implies that there was no joining fee or annual fee to obtain it. It lessens your workload. Furthermore, regardless of income level, whether you earn INR 15,000 or INR 50,000 per month, anyone can apply. This is due to the fact that no specific income criteria are required to obtain it.

In addition, the Split Bill Payment facility welcomes with ⅓ repayment tenure. It further allows you to repay the whole transaction amount in three months. You just have to divide the amount into easy three installments and repay it. Moreover, not any additional fee is incurred for it. Welcome benefits are something that almost all of us like. Today you can find many credit cards offering welcome benefits to their customers. It however attracts more customers to the particular card. Uni Card also comes with a welcome bonus that contains a chocolate bar, a mask, a personalized baggage tag, and the Uni card. 

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What is the Credit Limit of a Uni Card? 

Uni Card, like other credit cards, has a credit limit range of its own. A credit limit range is also required because it indicates how much a customer can obtain. The credit limit on the Uni Card is INR 20,000 minimum and INR 6 lakh maximum. As a result, you can spend up to INR 6 lakhs on it. Furthermore, you can find the credit card limit range set by various banks for their credit cards. However, the main reason for it is to notify you that you have exceeded your spending limit.


Uni Card tops the list of Best Credit Cards in India. It is, however, feasible for those who require a credit card for their normal daily expenses. It will not cost you anything to join and there will be no annual fees. However, using a credit card and repaying the amount is recommended to maintain a good CIBIL score. Furthermore, the minimum age to apply for a Uni Card is 25. Individuals under the age of 25 are not eligible to apply for this credit card.

Moreover, the Split Bill Payment system has marked the journey of this card. However, if you did not divide the payment into three installments and paid the entire amount at once, you will receive 1% cashback. Furthermore, after applying for a Uni Card through its official website, you will receive it within a few working days. If you have any questions about anything, you can call the Uni Card customer service number and they will answer them. They have a dedicated team that will resolve all your doubts related to anything. 

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