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What is business owner burnout and how to deal with it?

Contemporary lifestyle demands extreme mental workout for increasing business volume, achieving monthly targets, and raising the bar in terms of performance. The 24 x 5 business activities taking place in various business organisations is relentless and demand extended working hours. This rigorous business activity and stress experienced by business executives ends in business owner burnout or job burnout. Job demands can take a toll of the psyche and it will adversely damage mental help consequently physical health. It is important that mental health is kept healthy if you are going to achieve your targets and a business owner or executive is caught in a cleft stick by over burden and develops emotional exhaustion. The condition will also involve a sense of unfulfilled accomplishments and loss of the individual’s identity. 

Burnout happens due to other conditions like depression and burnout is not a medical diagnosis. There are individual factors that can influence the condition which generally involves an executive’s family life and personal issues. According to researchers job burnout can affect both physical and mental health hence it is advised that you seek proper medical diagnosis and treatment with your physician or psycho therapist. 

  • How to find out?
  • Do you force yourself to go to work and experience problems in starting work?
  • Are you critical or cynical at work?
  • Are you unable to perform consistently owing to lack of energy?
  • Are you irritable and snap at colleagues and co-workers, clients and customers?
  • Do you have difficulty in focusing on work in hand?
  • Are you disappointed by your professional achievement?
  • Do you feel at crossroad with your profession?
  • Have you changed your sleeping habits? 
  • Are you hooked to drugs so you could feel better?
  • Do you have unexpected headaches, bowel and stomach problems or any other physical discomfort?

Stress and Depression Treatment

Ask these questions to yourself and if you answer in affirmative to any of the above question then you are certainly having job burnout or business owner burnout. You must consider meeting your physician for advice and make an appointment. With your mental health provider deal with a physical condition like depression. You may need Depression stress relief retreats program to eliminate the symptoms and restore normalcy and the sooner you do that, better you will feel. It is for your betterment that you identify the symptoms early because delayed diagnosis may need more time and extra therapy sessions with your mental health provider.