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What Is a Halo Hair Extension? A Complete Guide

Adding volume and length to your hair is a fashionable trend that uses halo hair extensions. They’re ideal for anyone who wants a quick approach to add more volume or has thinning hair. 

Halo hair extensions can be styled like natural hair. 

Like in New Times Hair, all hairpieces, wigs, and extensions are made of 100% human hair. Step-by-step instructions and questions and answers concerning these incredible enhancements are provided in this tutorial.

How do Halo hair extensions work?

Human hair extensions, known as “halo hair extensions,” are a particular variety wrapped around the head in the shape of a halo. Halo hair extensions are frequently created from Indian or Malaysian hair. They may be styled the same way as your own hair. Still, they also allow you to alter the look into various shapes or styles without worrying about harming it.

What precisely are they, then? Halo extensions are made up of wefts of a natural human hair (or synthetic hair if preferred) that have been sewn together to form a crown-shaped design around the head. 

Each piece of this pattern drapes down toward the nape of the neck like the locks on an antique wedding veil. Halo extensions are popular among ladies due to their lightweight sensation and adaptability.

Depending on the desired appearance, halo hair extensions may be referred to as “hair weaves” or “wefted hair” and are composed of either human or synthetic hair. 

They are made of long strands arranged into locks and droop toward the neck like a wedding veil. Halo extensions are incredibly popular with ladies since they feel weightless and are versatile, allowing you to create any style without worrying about ruining your new ‘do!

Halo Hair Extensions: How Do They Work?

Hair extensions must be applied one piece at a time and layered over a person’s natural hair. To prevent the extension pieces from slipping out while you sleep or move around during the day, they should be lined up with the section in your head. 

To ensure it sits directly on top of your own locks after application, lightly brush or comb through the strands. These extensions can be applied without using any tools in under a minute, provided that the weft is positioned so that it is parallel to the parting line on your scalp. 

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A tail comb is all that is required to put the extension piece over each region after dividing the hair into four-inch portions with a comb.

A little hairspray will ensure that they remain in place while you sleep and style them every day, but let me spend one more minute discussing brushing. 

Brush lightly, careful not to tug or brush against the grain to avoid damaging your natural hair or causing the extensions to fall out.

Simply apply some hairspray and carry on with your day as usual if you don’t have much time or don’t have the luxury of using a curling iron.

Positive aspects of Halo hair extensions

Benefits of Halo Hair Extensions

They require no equipment and can be fitted in under a minute! Additionally, these extensions allow ladies to create any style they like while feeling lightweight and versatile without worrying about ruining their brand-new hairdo. 

It’s difficult not to discover a halo weaving that suits your preferences or mood with the variety of types offered! The most significant advantage is that human hair extension parts can last up to four months with the proper maintenance and styling. 

When you need more body but don’t have time to blow out your hair every morning, they also provide the required volume. Compared to other extensions offering comparable advantages, costs are also relatively reasonable.

How Much Does a Halo Hair Extension Cost?

As you can see, the halo weave offers several advantages that make it worthwhile to spend the $180–$250 average cost of a halo hairpiece.

Flexible enough to create any design without worrying about breaking them, with a weightless feel.

Because of their inherent capabilities, these weaves are most frequently used to add volume to the crown or top of the head. Comparing this alternative to other extensions that offer comparable advantages, such as Remy Hair Extensions, whose prices vary according to the desired thickness and length, this choice offers excellent value at rates that typically range from $180 to $250 (or less) per piece.

How Long Do Halo Hair Extensions Last?

When properly maintained and styled, they often last three to four months.

How to Determine The Best Halos?

Some of the highest-quality ones are made from 100% human Remy hair. Women can make any style with the flexibility of these parts without worrying about ruining their new hairdo.

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Weightlessness feeling, natural appearance, simplicity of installation, and short-term commitment are characteristics of the highest quality halo extension parts.

How to Install Halo Hair Extensions?

Under normal conditions, you should be able to install your new halo hair extensions at home without the use of any special tools if you follow the instructions below. 

Please seek advice from professionals if you don’t think this strategy will work for you. You’ve spent so much time carefully grooming those gorgeous locks that you don’t want to ruin them. 

We’ve provided some guidance on how to organize ahead of installation in the sections below:

  • Pick the side of your head where you want your natural part to be.
  • To help the natural oils distribute, detangle your hair and brush it out with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Ensure all the extensions are flat against one another; they should be free of lumps and bumps.
  • You should separate an equal number of wefts for each halo headband you intend to use, ensuring they are not longer than 12 inches on either side (about 30 cm). 
  • When placed, there shouldn’t be any loose thread hanging below your neck area because the ends should be snugly wrapped around the elastic band.

A brief word on tools: if you don’t already have any, you might consider buying some clasps, magnets, and flat iron.

Will Halo Hair Extensions Fall Out?

No. Your hair resting on top of the Halo bits keeps them in place.

Which is Better? Halo or Clip-In Hair Extensions

A halo is more straightforward and offers more advantages than clip-in extensions.

Halo pieces are warrantied to be damage-free, while Clip-Ins can harm your natural hair.

While both forms of extensions have advantages and disadvantages, human halo hairpieces have a lot more advantages in terms of wearability.

How to Maintain Halo Hair Extensions?

Use a light shampoo to wash your hair. To prolong the life of those gorgeous, full-bodied locks, you can also use any kind of dry shampoo! 

Avoid going to bed with wet hair since it could become tangled at night and become caught on objects like pillows, which would be really awful.

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After installation, take pictures to show how far down they hang (if you wear a lower ponytail) and how heavy they feel.

Usually, they should last a month, but it will depend on your hair type, routine for conditioning it, etc., so it’s hard to say for sure without knowing more about you.

Can I Sleep in Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo extensions are acceptable for sleeping in, although it is not advised to wear them to bed.

Does the Halo Hair Extensions Damage My Natural Hair?

No! The same aftercare recommendations hold proper whether synthetic or human hair is used: stay away from tight buns and ponytails next to the scalp, avoid sleeping with damp hair, etc.

Halo extensions are also a temporary solution, so you can take them off and repeat the procedure later if preferred. Just be aware that they will probably start tangling up after wearing them for a time, so it’s crucial to be aware of this.

Will Halo Hair Extensions Benefit My Thin Hair?

Halo extensions look great on people with various hair types. However, if you have thin or fine hair, we advise using less hair per headband to avoid appearing too heavy.

Does Short Hair Accommodate Halo Hair Extensions?

All hair lengths can use Halo extensions, but if you have short hair, we advise using less hair per headband to avoid looking too heavy.

Can I Swim in Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo Extensions should not be exposed to extended wetness as this might lead to problems with long-term wear, like molding or the hair becoming dry and brittle.

Halo Extensions shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged lengths of time because doing so can cause damage like color fading or severe brittleness, which is much more evident in synthetic hair than natural hair but is still something you should try to prevent if you can.

Final Words

For individuals who don’t want to commit to going through the process every day for a while but still want to add volume and length, Halo Hair Extensions are a fantastic solution. Click here for a complete collection of hair extensions.