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What Channel is the Trump Rally on?

If you’re wondering what channel the Donald Trump rally will air on, there are a few options. You can tune into Fox Nation Originals, Newsmax, RSBN, or Fox News. You can also tune into RSBN if you prefer that network’s programming. If you don’t have cable, you can watch the rally live on the internet. However, if you’re a cable subscriber, you may want to avoid Fox News.

Fox Nation Originals

The network is also slated to bring in Sean Hannity before the rally. Hannity has become a popular figure in Trump circles and is one of the most vocal defenders of the president. But the broadcaster tweeted Monday that he will not be campaigning onstage alongside Trump. The president criticized Hannity in 2010 after his show advertised an appearance by the Tea Party. That’s when Hannity was fired from Fox.

Many Trump advisers believe he will start a digital media company after the election. Many Fox News viewers are MAGA supporters. His digital media channel would be less expensive to start and he could charge a monthly subscription to attract MAGA supporters. It would aspire to become the number one destination for MAGA supporters, which includes many of the same people that watch Fox News. The president’s database of cellphone and email contacts could prove extremely valuable in politics, and the candidate could use that to undercut Fox.

The network’s decision to air the rally also makes the channel vulnerable to criticism. Many of its contributors have been accused of being biased or partisan. However, the network has not been forthcoming about whether or not this decision is based on fact or on personal opinion. It is possible that the channel will air Trump’s rally on a different channel, if that’s the case. For now, the channel is sticking with the same strategy.

As a result, the network’s reputation is under scrutiny after a series of damaging comments made by a prominent Trump supporter. Fox has also been accused of spreading false information about the 2020 election. A recent documentary about the Jan. 6 riot aired on Fox News prompted the network to sideline some of its hosts and writers. In the wake of that scandal, Fox News is now under two lawsuits related to its coverage of the president’s statements and actions.

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On Saturday, May 20, Newsmax will broadcast President Trump’s Save America Rally live from Texas. The network will begin pre-event coverage at 6 p.m. ET and continue after the president makes his speech. The rally will be held at Montgomery County Fairgrounds, north of Houston. It follows Trump’s rally in Arizona, which attracted 5 million viewers, and 2.9 million on cable systems.

The network’s main content is breaking news, live programming, and expert analysis. It features breaking news, unique finance and health content, and top-notch interviews with political figures. Newsmax has featured Bill Clinton, Gorbachev, and Mitch McConnell. It has also interviewed all of the GOP Presidential candidates, including Trump. In addition to Trump rallies, Newsmax broadcasts original analysis and commentary.

After Trump’s victory, Newsmax’s ratings took a hit. From early January until late June, Newsmax had fewer than half as many viewers as Fox News. However, it still maintained a sizable audience during the late Trump presidency. As a result, it was even ahead of many major outlets, including CNN and Fox News, in calling Arizona for Biden on election night 2020.

Meanwhile, Fox News did not air former president Donald Trump’s Conroe rally live. Instead, viewers were greeted with a six-day-old CNN media commentary clip. This is a departure from Fox News’ longtime policy of covering Trump rallies. In addition, Newsmax is attempting to reposition itself as a “center-right” news network, and is targeting cable executives.


When the campaign began, cable news networks often carried Trump’s speeches, but the rote stump-speech regurgitation and policy detail was lost on viewers. Instead, supporters wanted to see his entire speech. Today, RSBN boasts more than 186,000 YouTube subscribers compared to MSNBC’s 173,000. One video has more than 2.3 million views and several others have more than one million.

RSBN is a small operation that is funded solely by public donations. It has 10 employees and boasts more than two million YouTube subscribers, a huge audience, and a growing list of loyal subscribers. It is reportedly one of the only channels that broadcast Trump rallies without censorship. But the channel’s growth is accompanied by a lack of balance and accuracy.

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Since its suspension on YouTube, RSBN has opted to stream Trump rally videos via a separate app. The channel has partnered with two prominent conservative media personalities, Pastor Mark Burns and Wayne Dupree. Pastor Burns, who runs a tiny church in South Carolina, was approached by RSBN after seeing some of his videos on the network. He also became a televangelist and attracted attention, which led to his signing a deal with the network. He has since developed a huge following, and the channel’s content has reached over 116 million people.

YouTube has recently been banned from broadcasting many of the Trump rallies, which it says contains “election misinformation.” In the same way, it has also censored conservative news sites, including RSBN, a channel that Trump has frequently used to host his rallies. However, the company has made its decision on its own without consulting with the First Amendment. Its actions have been seen as politically motivated, but sound sinister to some.

Fox News

Fox News is playing down the controversy surrounding the news side of the Donald Trump rallies and campaign. While it’s true that Donald Trump hammers Fox News’s “news side” by ranting live on the network, the channel itself is a propaganda network. Trump’s unfounded claims about the 2020 election are regularly aired on the channel, but Fox relies on those claims to keep advertisers on board. In contrast, OAN, a network that focuses on conspiracy theories, does not have any ratings, and does not reach as many people as Fox News.

Trump has been teasing a presidential run for several months. The most recent rally he held came immediately after news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement and his executive order ending the policy of separating migrant children from their parents. Fox has a large audience of Trump supporters, and the news coverage on these issues will help him stay on top of the political landscape. This means that Fox is a key part of his strategy.

Fox News’s live coverage of Trump’s rallies is in line with the network’s strategy for this election cycle. While Newsmax and OAN both offered live coverage, Fox is becoming less enthusiastic. While it used to be as enthusiastic about Trump’s rallies as its competitors, the networks are now playing it safe, and are trying not to sway voters with unflattering commentary. For example, Newsmax treated the rally in Texas like the Super Bowl, with Bill O’Reilly and Ben Carson. It even split screens of Trump’s speeches.

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Another network that will livestream the event is Right Side Broadcasting Network. This channel is frequently used for pre-show coverage, and has invited three candidates to speak at the event. The network is not calling the event a campaign rally, but it is still a political event. The former president will take center stage in this state that he once campaigned for in 2016 and solidified his nomination in the Republican primary.


Fox News has been accused of censoring coverage of Trump rallies, especially since it has become a conservative channel. The network was the first major network to report on Trump rallies, but now it has been accused of selectively covering them. In January, Fox aired a clip of a CNN media commentary, but that was all it showed to viewers. This is in contrast to CNN and MSNBC, which routinely broadcast Trump rallies during the campaign.

Former vice president Mike Pence is expected to attend the rally. Pence is trying to distance himself from his former boss and may be eyeing a 2024 presidential run. The former president will also use the rally as an opportunity to respond to the recent House select committee hearing, which featured dramatic testimony about the response to a Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection. Meanwhile, Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon was sentenced to prison for contempt of Congress.

The rally is expected to draw large crowds, with protestors expected to be gathered outside the American Airlines Center. Trump’s supporters have camped out for two days in anticipation of his speech. A crowd of up to 20,000 people is expected. It’s possible to watch the rally live on C-SPAN or on the president’s YouTube channel. If you’re unable to attend, there’s no need to worry. You can listen to the rally on C-SPAN or the Keep America Great channel.