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What are The Tests Administered Under a Master Health Checkup Near Me?

A master health checkup near me incorporates a variety of clinical tests that are used for examining the health status of a person. The master health checkup will consist of a physical evaluation, ultrasound as well as some lab tests that will help in evaluating the vital organs and identifying initial symptoms of diseases to maintain health in a better way.

What should we look forward to in a master health checkup near me?

There are many steps that we can take to effectively prepare for a master health checkup near me. The doctor will provide a list of all the preparations that are associated with the check up for ensuring optimal effectiveness. It is essential that if anyone sees or feels something unusual in the body, they should consult the doctor before going for the checkup. A health checkup can help in detecting the initial symptoms of chronic diseases. A master health checkup near me can be priced anywhere between Rs. 3000-4000 according to your requirements and choice.

The exact tests that should be included in the master health checkup near me can differ according to the person’s medical history and recommendations of the doctor. The doctor will ask questions to enquire about the general health of the person before suggesting tests –

  • Medical test history– If anyone has taken medical tests earlier, the results should be updated in the medical records. These tests might consist of pap smears, blood and cholesterol tests. The doctor will also ask about the health history of the family to detect genetic diseases.
  • Lifestyle and daily habits– The doctor will ask a number of questions about your work-life balance, daily habits, living conditions as well as amount of physical activity every day.
  • Body functions- The doctor will ask questions about the daily body functions like eating habits, sleeping as well as bowel movements.
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According to the initial exams, the doctor will recommend any additional tests. The health screening tests are to be done according to the advice of the doctor.  Some of the tests that are usually administered as part of the master health checkup near me –

  • A general physical test – A clinical examination that will include keeping a record of the weight, height, level of blood pressure and BMI.
  • Blood tests – They are important for a master health checkup near me for detecting infections as well as the onset of diseases.
  • Liver and kidney functions – Done for the proper functioning of liver and kidney and detecting any possible diseases that can lead to problems if they are untreated.
  • Blood sugar tests are common health screening tests for detecting diabetes.  Discovery in the initial stages can avoid chronic diseases just by making a few simple modifications in the daily habits.
  • X-Rays and ECG – For monitoring the important functions of the heart and lungs. This is done for finding any signs of chest infections and heart issues.
  • Urine/stool test – For assessing the total health status including metabolic and renal health, fever and cancer.

Why are health screening tests beneficial?

A health screening test is critical for all people who are above the age of 25. They can help a person live a long, healthy, active and happy life. There are the major reasons why you should go for a master health checkup near me –

  • Checking on the overall health status– The doctor will update the medical records to understand the existing health status and help you manage the health better. Proper medical records are important for reference in the future.
  • Discovery of initial signs of illness– The tests included in the master health checkup near me can help discover diseases in the early stages. This can help you prevent them. People can focus on lifestyle and habit changes to improve their health. The doctor will suggest the relevant treatment as well as medication.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle– The test results will give a total assessment of the health condition and you can modify your current lifestyle to avoid health issues in the future.
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There are a variety of master health checkups near me to choose from. It can be extremely difficult to choose the one that will be suitable for us. People should go in for regular health screening tests for maintaining their health condition and live an active and long life.