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Vaping involves inhaling the vaping created by an electronic cigarette, which simulates the sensation of smoking without exposing the user to harmful chemicals. The cartridge of an electronic cigarette contains vape e-liquid, which may or may not include nicotine and can be flavoured.

However, even for heavy smokers, vaping might take some getting used to. Most smokers don’t feel as comfortable vaping, and many beginning vapers share that sentiment. This being the case, we thought it was important to put up this informative guide on how to vape properly.

We propose trying out one of the disposable vapes from our stock as a first step into the world of vaping.

Vaping—what is it, exactly?

Vaping involves inhaling the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes, which can be done while holding the device in one hand. Vaporizers, often known as “vapes,” have come a long way from their original designs, which mimicked the appearance of conventional cigarettes. Having trouble finding a dependable vaping method? Please visit this link to read more about the Dispergo Vaping product range.


Almost all vapes follow the same basic construction, in which a vape mod (battery) drives a coil (heating element) that vaporises e-liquid in the tank (small chamber). When this vapour is ready, it is inhaled through a mouthpiece. So, when we say “vape,” we’re referring to the whole setup, because none of the parts are necessary for the device to work.

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The Source of Power

Vaping is done with a battery mod, which is similar to a smartphone charger. There is a vast variety of sizes and shapes available for these lithium-ion batteries. There are many different kinds of these devices, but the most common ones include e-cigarettes, pod vapes, tube mods, vape pens, and box mods. The power and temperature of current alternatives can also be adjusted to suit individual needs.

A low-power vape mod is recommended for beginners. This category of vaping devices includes everything from all-in-ones to electronic cigarettes to vape pens to pod vapes, and operating any of them requires no training at all. In the absence of being disposable, they will have a tiny rechargeable battery and a single power setting. The low-power variations offer the advantages of being small and portable.

After you’ve gotten the hang of vaping and are feeling confident, you might want to upgrade to a device with a medium amount of power. It’s helpful to have some background knowledge on battery safety when dealing with devices like box mods, tube mods, and all-in-ones. Rechargeable, medium-sized batteries are the norm, albeit whether they are user-replaceable or built-in varies by model. The device can have a maximum output of 100 watts but still be small enough to fit in the user’s pocket.

If you’ve practised vaping enough, you can go on to a more advanced vape mod. Box mods and other mechanical modifications fall under this umbrella. Proper use of these calls for battery safety knowledge and operational experience. These goods are transportable, but they are extremely large and heavy to carry about. In the end, the output power is often between 200 and more watts.

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As was previously explained, vapour is created in a chamber called a vape tank that is attached to the vape mod. This contains a wick saturated with e-liquid and a heating coil. Therefore, the coil heats the e-liquid, and vapour is created, when the user inhales.

However you plan to use your vape, prefilled, refillable, or rebuildable, your mod must be able to handle it. Similarly, the coil should be replaced at regular intervals to keep producing sufficient vapour and retaining sufficient flavour.

A new supply of vapour is required. Dispergo Vaping has a variety of vape tanks, and you can read more about them here.


A pod vape, all-in-one, e-cigarette, or disposable e-cigarette is a good vape pen starter kit option for those who are new to vaping. Then, you’ll need to pick out an e-liquid flavour and nicotine strength that you enjoy using with your kit.

If you want to start vaping but are unsure of where to start, this article is for you.


It’s possible you won’t know how to vape properly even if you have all the gear. Relax, you are not in this situation by yourself. A person’s initial experience with vaping may put them off forever if they coughed while using it. If this is your first time vaping, we want to let you know that it’s normal to cough a little bit.

An individual can inhale through the lips and then the lungs when using a vaporizer, or they can inhale directly into the lungs.

You should strive for mouth-to-lung draws when you’re first starting out with vaping because they work best with low-powered devices, high-resistance coils, higher nicotine levels, and a PG/VG mixture of roughly 50/50. This method of inhalation should generate similarly minimal steam as that of sucking air via a straw. By using this method, you can have the closest experience to smoking a real cigarette.

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