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The Top Five Items to Buy in GTA Online (2023)

As part of Rockstar Games’ Day 2023 celebration, the time has been adjusted on GTA Online. Players can purchase period-appropriate liveries, clothing, weaponry, and other goods from bygone eras.

They may claim some time-limited items and add them to their collection before February 15, 2023. The top five things to buy in GTA Online to celebrate the season of love and fellowship are listed below.

5 Basic GTA Online 2023

  1. Los Santos
  2. Gusenberg Sweeper
  3. Dewbauchee JB 700W
  4. Be My apparels
  5. Albany Roosevelt

1) The Los Santos livery and classic Broadway

After making its debut in GTA: San Andreas in 2004, the Classique Broadway is returning in the GTA series. The car now has a taller and slimmer shape, but many of its former elements are still there.

The vehicle can be purchased for $925,000 on the Legendary Motorsport website, and players may dress up their Broadways by adding the limited-edition Los Santos Lovers livery.

Even though the Classique Broadway isn’t the fastest or has the best handling, GTA Online gamers will discover that it makes a wonderful addition to their collection.

2) Gusenberg Sweeper

The Gusenberg Sweeper, which fires at 555 RPM and deals 34 damage each shot, is the best submachine gun (SMG). This weapon is available for free claim in Ammu-Nations all across Los Santos as well as in the mobile Gun Van until February 15, 2023.

A minor drawback is the low stock magazine capacity of 30 rounds. It can be increased to 50, however doing so may force unintentional reloads if you find yourself in a heated combat. The gun is normally available in-game for $14,600, but it is available for free for a limited period of time just during the event.

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3) Dewbauchee JB 700W

This week, the Luxury Autos Showroom will host a showcase of the Dewbauchee JB 700W. It is a sporty two-seater with a modern appearance. Along with its exhilarating 123 mph top speed, the car has two front-facing machine guns that can be added. Additionally, players can equip proximity mines.

With the 2019 Diamond Casino heist, the JB 700W was included in the game. At the Luxury Autos Showroom, it may be acquired for $1,470,000 and resold for $882,000 ($1,131,250 when fully upgraded).

4) Be My apparels

Clothing items included in the Be My update for GTA Online are discounted by 50% off of their original price. As a result, players will be able to choose from a variety of suits, vests, and gowns during the event week.

Dresses can be purchased at Binco stores located all across Los Santos, while suits, vests, and pants can be purchased from Ponsonbys or Suburban stores.

Clothing is a crucial component of the game because it allows players to customise their characters to suit their preferences, and for Day, the discounts on these products will make it easier for players to get into the spirit of the occasion for a lot less money.

5) Albany Roosevelt

A chance to win the Albany Roosevelt, the week’s podium vehicle, is available to players who visit the Diamond Casino and Resort in Los Santos.

The car’s capacity to accommodate four people inside and two outside on the sides dangling from the door is one distinctive feature. Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport sells the Roosevelt Valor, a version of the vehicle that has the standard design but may be highly modified.

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Although the Albany Roosevelt is not the fastest nor the most stable vehicle in the game, users of GTA Online would nevertheless want to own one because of its distinctive appearance.

For a limited time only during the event in GTA Online through February 15, 2023, all of the things mentioned above and more are available for purchase. The majority of them are collector’s items that won’t be very useful in racing or heists, but they give the players’ automobile and armoury collections some class.

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