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Top 10 Tips To Increase Mileage Of Your Bike Or Scooter

Increasing traffic on roads adversely affects the mileage of a bike or scooter. In addition, the scaling up fuel prices have been hurting the budget of common people. However, controlling the fuel prices are not in our hands, but the mileage is controllable. With the help of a few tips, managing a good mileage of a bike or scooter is doable.

How to Increase the Mileage of a Bike or Scooter

Here are the tips for bike or scooter owners to improve bike mileage.

1. Regular Servicing for Good Maintenance of the Vehicle: Servicing a vehicle at the right intervals is crucial to improve its mileage. Take care of the bike or scooter to improve its mileage. Make sure to check the engine oil. Prefer using the suggested grade oil by the company for servicing to maintain the engine’s performance.

2. Maintain the Right Air Pressure in Tyres: There is a direct link between autos mileage and tyre pressure. Inappropriate tyre pressure can reduce fuel economy by almost 10-15 %. Maintaining proper tyre pressure as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Drive the two-wheeler with the correct air pressure to increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and, thus, greater mileage.

3. Carburettor Settings: Even after timely servicing, riders need to re-tune carburettor settings for the best scooter mileage. Correct carburettor settings help to increase mileage. Electronically or manually setting the carburettor helps bike owners to restore the engine performance and increase the mileage.

4. Parking Two-wheeler in the Sunlight: Sunlight causes the evaporation of fuel and thus, reduces mileage. Avoid parking vehicles in the sunlight and improve its mileage.

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5. Use Gears Correctly: Changing gears correctly helps riders to improve mileage. Keep the acceleration linear and sudden acceleration can decrease an engine’s efficiency. Ideally, driving at around 60-80 kmph is considered good to increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. One can finance a bike with advanced features against an affordable motorcycle loan and ride efficiently.

6. Avoid Rash Riding: Take care of potholes on roads, avoid sudden braking, and racing within the city for smooth riding. Rash riding is not only harmful to the vehicle but unsafe for the rider also. Excessive rash riding causes serious harm to the engine and its performance in the long run.

7. Plan Route Beforehand: Riders should plan their routes before hitting the road. A stuck vehicle in traffic can exhaust fuel. Find a route with fewer traffic signals for the best scooter mileage. Use brakes and clutch infrequently for fewer stoppages and increase the vehicle’s mileage. Avoid driving during rush hours.

8. Keep it Shut When Idle: Idling a bike or scooter means getting 0 KMPL which is bad for its economy. There is no sense to burn fuel without moving an inch. If one finds a stoppage above 45 seconds at a traffic signal, just turn the ignition off.

9. Keep your Vehicle Light: Avoiding extra weight of items can help to improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

10. Cleaning and Lubrication: A bike or scooter needs cleaning and lubrication even between service intervals. Clean it often to get better mileage. With a clean and lubricated chain, a bike’s engine would use less power to rotate the chain and help to improve mileage.

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Keep the vehicle well-maintained to boost the engine performance and attain a high mileage. Individuals looking for a new bike can avail a motorcycle loan to own a bike without a financial burden.

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