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The Top 10 Blockchain dApp Development Agencies and Businesses in 2023

The market for crypto tokens was thoroughly restructured in 2022, but the practical applications of the blockchain remain unaffected. Although some crypto exchanges have failed and token prices have declined, the top blockchain dApp development firms continue to produce in-demand decentralized applications (DApps).

Below is a list of the top ten blockchain dApp development companies. The Web3 market is extremely diverse, with various development firms handling metaverse, NFT, and blockchain projects. As we delve into the world of blockchain developers to determine the hottest operator in 2023, we include a diverse range of companies.

Top Blockchain dApp Development Agencies Reviewed

An overview of the blockchain development industry, including businesses of all sizes and specializations, is provided below.

Suffescom Solutions Inc., the top-ranked blockchain dApp development company from various angles, receives the top spot.

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc. Top Blockchain dApp Development Company

This elite team is more than a blockchain dApp development company based in London’s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood. The company handles mobile and web app development projects to assist technology-based startups in implementing their ideas.

The Suffescom Solutions Inc. team consists of two founders, eight designers, and forty-five developers and has completed several successful projects.

2. RisingMax Inc. One of the Best Blockchain dApp Development Agencies in Australia

RisingMax Inc., based in Brisbane, Australia, claims to have a “laser focus on blockchain technologies.” In particular, the team takes pride in having sufficient internal expertise to guarantee that work is never outsourced. The company provides “full-stack” capability, which means it can manage every aspect of blockchain app programming.

Any of the eight service areas listed below could be used in a typical RisingMax blockchain dapp development project:

  1. NFT Development
    This involves building NFT collections, integrating with leading NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, and providing NFT minting platforms that clients can brand.
  2. Smart Contract Development
    The blockchain’s use in a token generation, staking, DeFi yield farming, DAOs, DEXs, and NFTs depends on smart contracts.
  3. Full-Stack MVP Development
    MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product; we can provide this for any Web3 product concept.
  4. Blockchain Consulting
    I was giving suggestions on how to improve Web3 and blockchain strategy.
  5. POC Development
    POC is an acronym for Proof of Concept. This is a cost-effective method of proving your concept works to the world.
  6. Token Development
    Have you ever wondered how the best new cryptocurrency is created? RisingMax’s comprehensive token issuance capabilities enable it to happen.
  7. Enterprise Blockchain Development
    RisingMax knows how to set up a company’s blockchain to meet its specific business requirements.
  8. Blockchain Integrations
    As the crypto industry grows, getting blockchains to cooperate is more crucial than ever.
  9. UI/UX Design
    User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are top priorities for the leading blockchain app development firms.

3. SoluLab – Award-Winning Provider of Blockchain Solutions

This company, founded in 2014 by former employees of the cloud service provider Citrix and the investment bank Goldman Sachs, provides a full range of services for developing web and mobile apps and blockchain app software.

One hundred fifty employees work for the company, which has four locations in the USA, Canada, and Australia. The team has completed over 1,500 projects and won numerous accolades, including Top App Development Company (from appfutura), One of the Top Blockchain Companies (awarded by tech reviewer. co), and 2020 Honoree in US Inc.’s Best Workplace category.

SoluLab’s extensive experience across Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and more – as well as its expertise in smart contracts, dApps, and DeFi – has been well received by clients looking to invest in the metaverse, NFTs and the blockchain in general.

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SoluLab offers free consultations. The company provides case studies in fewer than 18 product categories, including e-learning, the internet of things, artificial reality/virtual reality, and more.

4. LeeWayHertz – Best Blockchain App Software Development Company for White Label Work

LeewayHertz, with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, has fourteen years of experience in the blockchain industry.

The company has more than 250 full-stack developers (‘full-stack’ means handling all programming aspects of a blockchain application, including the backend and front end). This firm has developed 150 digital solutions, including over 50 blockchain-based products.

LeewayHertz operates throughout Web3, blockchain, NFT, the metaverse, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Fintech, healthcare, insurance, logistics, startups, and on-demand app development are among the industries addressed.

This company specializes in “White Label” development. If a company wants to offer a product to its customers but needs more expertise to manufacture it, it will look for a provider of white-label goods. The company can then affix its label to the product.

LeewayHertz offers white-label services in six important areas:

  1. Crypto wallets.
  2. Blockchain explorer.
  3. Network stats.
  4. Crypto swaps technology.
  5. DAOs.
  6. Token generators.

5. Consensys: The Blockchain dApp Development Company Behind the MetaMask Wallet

When it comes to modular work, Consensys is among the best blockchain dApp development companies. That entails creating blockchain-based products that other developers can incorporate into their projects as building blocks.

Consensys has experience working with the Ethereum blockchain in this capacity. J. Lubin, who founded Consensys, also helped to establish Ethereum. To provide scalable solutions for the best DeFi apps, NFT applications, and other asset management and trade software, Consensys uses this programmable blockchain.

Key Consensys projects include:

  • MetaMask is a free cryptocurrency wallet renowned for its ease of use and adaptability, with 30 million monthly active users.
  • 430k developers, such as Uniswap, Paraswap, Compound, and Zapper, utilize the Infura Web3 building system.
  • The Truffle development tool for smart contracts provides end-to-end development assistance and has been downloaded 4.8 million times.

6. Immutable: A Key Player in Blockchain App Game Development

Immutable, a 300-person team with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, divides its blockchain work into two categories:

  1. ImmutableX: Layer 2 scaling solution and NFT minting/trading platform for Ethereum.
  2. Immutable Studios: Game creation studio NFT.


In 2022, over 54 million NFTs were created on ImutableX with no gas fees charged. Users exchanged over 9 million NFTs. Using the ImmutableX Layer 2 scaling solution, developers can scale their blockchain-based game for wider use. Starkware’s Zero-knowledge roll-ups are utilized.

Immutable Studios

The action role-playing game Guild of Guardians and the strategy card game Gods Unchained are both produced by the studio and are regarded as two of the best blockchain games ever (available on mobile).

Immutable has a highly skilled management team and its cryptocurrency token, IMX (learn how to buy IMX). C. Clay, the Gods Unchained game director, was, for instance, the Magic: The Gathering Arena game director before joining Immutable.

7. Infograins: One of the Best Blockchain dApp Development Agencies for Full-Service Provision

Infograins, a blockchain application development company, stands out for the breadth of its services.

The organization divides its blockchain-only work into three areas:

  1. Core: development of public and private blockchains, smart contracts using the Solidify programming language, and wallets.
  2. Blockchain development for Procure 2 Pay, finance, logistics, healthcare, and insurance.
  3. Custom: ICOs and IDOs, as well as DeFi and chain-specific solutions (Polkadot, Polygon, Binance).
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Infograins offers expertise in NFT gaming and marketplace development and the creation of semi-fungible tokens. In addition, Web3 gaming and Unity programming are covered.

Infograins, with offices in India, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States of America, and the United Arab Emirates, showcases three products in particular:

  1. The Bharat NFT market uses ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.
  2. The Slice ledger has a free wallet and is a blockchain network compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  3. 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs are part of the Bouquet collection.

8. Chain: Provider of Business and Developer Blockchain Tools

Chain positions itself as a conduit for premium brands to adopt Web3.

Tiffany’s 250-piece ‘NFTiff’ collection, which was developed by Chain and sold for $12 million in September 2022, was a significant success for the company.

The company offers four primary product categories:

  1. Sequence: This is a business-oriented immutable ledger. With it, companies can use the blockchain to simplify and deliver immutable accounting by streamlining their ledger process.
  2. Chain Cloud: Chain, a company specializing in cloud computing, offers the Chain Cloud as a protocol that enables developers to access blockchains through fully automated nodes instantly.
  3. Chain NFTs: Chain refers to its full NFT service as a “white glove,” meaning that brands are free to use its technology however they see fit to create an NFT portfolio.
  4. Chain Enterprise: Chain provides customized business blockchain technology to well-known clients like Nasdaq, State Street, Visa, and Orange.

The chain has developed its cryptocurrency token, XCN, which can be purchased to participate in the governance of the official Chain protocol.

9. Empirical – Fintech and Crypto Market Maker Specialists

Empirica is a niche provider with operations in Germany and Switzerland and a base in Poland. The company, which employs over 40 people, only specializes in fintech, including important blockchain applications for the financial markets.

In addition to developing software for the cryptocurrency market, Empirica also has two exclusive products for trading and investing:

  1. This proprietary algorithmic trading platform was created so traders and ‘quants’ (quantitative analysts) can develop and test trading algorithms on the markets. (The best algorithmic trading platforms for non-professionals are available to retail investors)
  2. Robo Advisor is an artificial intelligence product created for wealth managers. It enables them to develop sophisticated investment algorithms and gain client insights to reduce client churn. This white-label product can be quickly adapted to a client’s branding and strategic objectives.

It’s noteworthy that Empirica created brokerage solutions for MetaTrader 5, the wildly popular trading platform accessible through some of the best investment apps available. Additionally, the company founded the IT Corner trade association and collaborated with the banking expert axioms in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

10. Tatum – Dedicated Provider of Off-The-Shelf Blockchain Software

Tatum offers software for other developers to construct, test, and execute blockchain applications. Unlike most blockchain application developers, Tatum has developed several blockchain software packages that other developers can purchase instantly online.

Tatum’s primary offering is the Tatum JS SDK (Software Development Kit). This single, unified package based on the Javascript programming language enables developers to integrate with any more than 40 blockchain protocols instantly.

The Tatum CLI (command line interface for blockchains) and the Tatum REST API, which gives developers access to the Tatum infrastructure, facilitate this.

Other off-the-shelf products for developers include an NFT WordPress Plugin (which enables users to mint and sell NFTs directly from their WordPress site), virtual accounts for use with multi-currency wallets, and NFT Express, which offers white-label NFT gas-free minting services.

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Tatum provides a tiered pricing structure that includes free, $9 per month, $49 per month, and enterprise level.

What are Blockchain dApp Development Firms?

As a general rule, clients hire blockchain app development firms to help them get set up in the world of Web3 – whether with a simple DApp accessible via mobile or an entirely new distributed ledger and blockchain tailored to their business requirements.

Some companies in this industry have achieved tremendous success by focusing on a single blockchain application.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with a daily trading volume of $80 billion. Binance began in 2017 as a bright idea turned into reality.

What Services do Blockchain dApp Development Companies Offer?

Blockchain application development companies frequently provide the following services:

Decentralized Apps (DApps)

A DApp is a computer program designed to interact with one or more blockchains. Thus, all the best blockchain dApp development firms would consider themselves DApp architects, regardless of the DApp’s industry and whether the DApp’s front-end is web-based or mobile.

DApps include crypto wallets such as Metamask (estimated 30 million users), DeFi applications such as the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap (149k unique active wallets), gaming platforms such as Alien Worlds (204k individual active wallets), NFT marketplaces such as Solana’s Magic Eden (21k individual active wallets), and betting platforms such as Serious Dice (29k individual active wallets)

Enterprise Blockchain

DApps are utilized by professionals and the general public, whereas Enterprise Blockchain refers exclusively to corporate blockchain work.

Typically, a business will want to establish its technological backbone to streamline its operations and protect its data from cyber tampering. A custom distributed ledger is frequently the optimal solution. Companies like Chain, LeewayHertz, and Consensys have solid enterprise blockchain credentials.

Smart Contracts

Blockchain, as we know it today, would only exist with smart contracts. Smart contracts that can be programmed offer developers great flexibility when setting up transactional systems that operate independently of external influences. Due to smart contracts, no single entity is in a position of power that can be abused, enabling blockchains to function in a decentralized manner.

  • Commonly, Solidity is the programming language used to create smart contracts on Ethereum.
  • RisingMax is one of the companies we evaluate that advertises its expertise with smart contracts; however, we expect all of the top blockchain application development firms to be proficient in their implementation.

NFT Services

Many developers, including LeewayHertz, Infograins, Tatum, and Chain, find NFT minting and trading very appealing.

Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse

The best Play-to-Earn games constitute a massive industry in their own right. On the preceding list, we’ve highlighted Immutable, the company behind blockchain favorites Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.


We have reviewed the top ten blockchain dApp development companies previously. We have taken a broad perspective, including established giants such as Ethereum legends Consensys (responsible for the Metamask wallet) and Gods Unchained creator Immutable, as well as smaller ventures based worldwide, such as RisingMax and Empirica.

In 2023, London-based Suffescom Solutions Inc. will come out on top. We delivered a string of successful projects with the help of a small team that prioritized continuous client accountability and clean project completion. Suffescom’s clients’ overwhelmingly positive feedback speaks volumes.