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This Article Presents Detailed Registration for Whatsapp Lottery

KBC (also known popularly as KBC), hosted by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, is a famous game show that airs on Sony TV. The show needs no introduction, and almost every household in the country enjoys watching it on their television. For those who don’t know, in the game, contestants are asked a series of multiple-choice questions, and by answering them correctly, the contestants get a chance to win top prizes of more than seven crores. Amitabh Bachchan has been hosting the show since its first season in 2000, except for the third season, which Shah Rukh Khan hosted. Interested people can complete the KBC Registration 2023 process and get a chance to sit in the hot seat right next to Amitabh Bachchan. KBC season will be hosted somewhere around mid of the year. The KBC registration process for the season will, however, start sooner than that and is expected to begin in the month. KBC Whatsapp Lottery season Kbc head office mumbai. The date time eligibility and all other details related to KBC season registration can be find here.

KBC Company Season Important Dates

As a part of the registration process, a total of 10 questions will be ask by the contestants, and they have to answer the question as per the given schedule. The contestants will be give 24 hours to send the answer to each question from 9:00 PM to the next day at 8:59:59 PM. These are the tentative dates for KBC registration. The actual dates will be update later after their announcement by Sony.

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KBC Whatsapp Lottery Registration Eligibility

The show prescribes specific essential eligibility criteria that aspiring contestants must fulfill Make sure you follow these criteria before you proceed with KBC registration 2023.

The minimum age of the participant, as of the registration date, should be 18 years.

The participant should be a citizen of India.

Applying person should not have any criminal records or any allegations against them.

A person should be mentally and physically fit for participation.

How to Register for the KBC Whatsapp Season?

There are multiple ways of applying to KBC. You can apply through the Sony LIVE app, by SMS, or through the IVR method. There is no charge for KBC registration through any available methods. Once the registration is about to open, you will see the announcement of the same on the television, after which you can start the process. The registration process will continue for around ten days. Now, let us check out step-by-step instructions for KBC registration…

KBC Company Registration Through Sony LIVE App

On your mobile phone, you can download the Sony LIVE app and register online for the KBC season. Android users can install the app through the Play store, whereas iPhone users can find it on their App Store. After installing the application, follow these steps to register for the KBC season.

Launch the Sony LIVE application on your device.

You will be ask to log in to the app. Using credentials like email address and phone number, you can log in.

After logging in to the app, go to the KBC link.

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Provide the details like name, age, gender, and educational qualification in the form on this link.

You will see the question on the screen and have to answer the same correctly. The question will appear as MCQ, and you must provide the right option.

Enter the correct answer into the form and submit the same.

You will get a confirmation upon successful submission of your answer.

KBC Whatsapp Lottery Registration through SMS

Another way of registration for KBC also involves your mobile phone, which can be done via SMS. The facility to register through SMS. The steps to register via SMS are provided below. Standard SMS charges will apply. Make sure that you have to watch the question on your television before you proceed with SMS.

Open Messaging app on your device and compose a new message.

In the body of the message, type KBC< A/B/C/D>.

Send your SMS to the number 0019197097959.

KBC Registration through IVR

This is the oldest method of KBC registration and was the only method available when mobile phones were rare. The registration method is through IVR, and the registration steps are give below. Make note that standard charges will apply. Also, you must watch the question on your television before proceeding with the process.

From your mobile number, give a call on the number 0019197097959 .

Press from 1 to 4 to select options from A to D.

You will then be ask to provide details like name, age, gender, etc.

Provide those details, and you will hear a thank you after completing the process.

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Participants will be select for auditions base on a lucky draw. The KBC Head Office authorities will inform those who are shortlist about the same. Final selection will only be make after the interview, audition, and document verification.

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