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 Things to do in Kamshet Paragliding


A charming hill town in the Western Ghats, Kamshet is well known for paragliding and flying schools. This location, which the Western Ghats encircles, is frequently listed as one of the top 10 places in India that adventure seekers just must see. Kamshet is a paraglider’s heaven and is situated in the Pune district, about 45 kilometers from the major town. It is a lovely area with little villages, natural landscapes, and clean air. Enjoy the surroundings while getting a closer look at Indian rural life with its mud houses and local marketplaces.

While using the top-notch paragliding facilities available here, you may enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding paddy and sunflower fields. The Bhairi and Bhedsa caves, the Khondeshwar temple, the Pavana Lake, and the Shinde Wadi Hills are some of the other notable attractions in this area. One can include those locations in this journey as well because of their close proximity to other hill stations like Lonavala and Khandala.

Best things to do

 Kondeshwar Temple

The temple is an example of the historic Hemadpanti architectural style and was built using stones. It is difficult to hike up to the temple because of the rocky terrain, thus it is not advised to go during the monsoon season. There are a number of smaller shrines close by and the temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. On the grounds are also the Shri Khateshwar Maharaj Samadhi, a pond, and a waterfall.

Kamshet’s shopping

There are only a few local marketplaces that provide necessities here, and they are your only options.

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Bedsa caves

Bedsa Caves is a collection of 60 BC rock-cut Buddhist structures that are a little distance from Kamshet. It is one of the oldest caves in Maharashtra and dates back to the Satvahana era. It is also known as Bedse Caves. Four 25-foot-tall pillars can be seen in the caves, which are famous for their fine and magnificent carvings. A majestic stupa is housed in the prayer hall of the main cave, known as the “Chaitya.” The vihara, or monastery, is the other cave. Given that both Bedsa Caves face east, it is advisable to visit them in the morning.

Pawna lake

About 20 kilometers from the Lonavala Railway Station, where visitors and tourists throng for morning walks and campsites, lies Pawana Lake, which is a bit remote. The lake’s enormous size, combined with the surroundings, makes for an amazing sight because it dominates your vision like a canvas painting. Being surrounded by high, towering hills and having a good environment all year round makes it a camper’s dream and a lovely getaway place.

 The earth-fill gravity dam created a reservoir with a 0.24km3 capacity that serves as the main water source for the Pimpri-Chinchwad (Navi Pune) region. The reservoir was formed as a result of the construction of the Pawana Dam in the west across the Pawana River, which originates in the Western Ghats. A green carpet covers the breathtaking scenery, which also features forts with significant historical significance including Lohagad, Tikona, Tung, and Visapur. The area’s strategic importance is attested to by the massive fortifications, which date back hundreds of years. Because of its position in the Western Ghats, Pawana Lake is a natural hotspot for flora and animals.

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Beautiful sunsets, clean air, lush meadows, and tall hills have all been sculpted out by the artificial lake. Due to its close proximity to Mumbai, Lonavala, and notably Pune, it is a popular weekend getaway location for families and individuals seeking a relaxing and refreshing way to spend their time. Beautiful and unspoiled, Pawana Lake and its environs provide wonderful possibilities to get close to nature.

Shinde Wadi hills

The Shinde Wadi Hills serves as a launch site for paragliding. The takeoff height at this location, which is approximately 100 to 200 feet above the ground, is perfect for paragliding beginners.


One of the best places in India to really enjoy the sensation of paragliding is Kamshet. Kamshet is the parasailing center where you can safely partake in the activity and make it one of the most life-changing experiences thanks to the many skilled gliding schools and trainers there. For all types of people, Kamshet offers paragliding options, including paragliding courses for newcomers and those who want to learn the sport properly. The Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar Cliff, Tower Hill, and Shelar are a few of the paragliding locations in this area.

In India, Kamshet is one of the best places to really enjoy paragliding. Kamshet is a parasailing hotspot with several skilled gliding schools and trainers where you may safely partake in make it one of the most life-changing experiences of your life. For all types of people, including beginners and those who wish to learn the sport correctly, Kamshet offers paragliding options, including paragliding schools. The most provides paragliding programs in this area is called Nirvana Adventures. There are a few more , like rock climbing and water sports. Several paragliding locations can be found in this area, including Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar Cliff, Tower Hill, and Shelar.

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