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Things to consider while choosing a wedding venue in London

When it comes to weddings, the venue is one of the most important things that have to be considered by the bride and groom. Although there are several wedding venues available all across London, it is very difficult to choose one because there are so many factors associated with choosing the wedding venue. That said, if you are planning to get married then it is advisable that you choose a wedding venue as soon as possible and not wait until the last moment. Keep these things in mind when you choose your venue

Location & availability

The location of the wedding venue is important because you want to choose someplace with a good ambiance to suit the occasion. You wouldn’t want to exchange your diamond wedding rings London in some place which is constantly noisy with several distractions. Therefore, choose some place which matches your tastes and make sure it is available on the day you choose to get married. Some places get booked years in advance so make sure you book yours as soon as your wedding dates are confirmed.


Always keep in mind the weather when you are choosing a wedding venue. If you plan to get married during summer then having the reception in the garden is a great idea. However, if there is a forecast of rain on the day of your wedding then it is better to be prepared and hold the reception indoors or choose a venue that has both indoor and outdoor seating facilities so that the guests can take shelter if the weather goes bad.

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Size and budget

One of the most important factors to consider before zeroing in on the wedding venue is the number of guests that you are expecting at your wedding. Make sure the wedding venue is able to accommodate all the guests that you are expecting and has room for some more people to fit in. It shouldn’t feel overcrowded and cramped. Also, consider your budget while choosing the location and opt for something that is a perfect balance between your budget and preferences.

Catering, alcohol, and parking

A lot of wedding venues will offer in-house catering and expect you to opt for it when your hire the venue. Other venues will allow you to bring in your own caterers but now allow alcohol to be served. All of these need to be considered because all venues will have their own conditions you will need to meet if you book them. Make sure you choose something according to your requirements. Also, make sure that they have enough parking space so that your guests don have to struggle with parking their vehicles.

Decorations The decoration of the venue will be the backdrop of your wedding photos and therefore most people want the venue to be decorated in a certain way. Therefore, the wedding venue should be able to put up the decorations that you chose from the wedding and jewellery magazine. They should look pretty in order to beautify your wedding pictures even more.