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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing 

Instagram is the second most popular social network, after only Facebook. Instagram Stories, the popular animated social channel, has over one billion monthly active users and over 500 million daily users.

Everybody and their dog (literally) is on social media.

“Everyone” includes people, animals, and, you nailed it, companies.

The number of businesses that have established a presence on the network has surged. According to Oberlo, 71% of US firms utilise Instagram. But is it worth their while and should your company be on the network as well? Yes.

Instagram is clearly no longer only for personal usage. It is now a worldwide platform where marketers can personalise their content, hire fresh talent, display their goods, and motivate their audience.

Furthermore, Instagram users are not just active, but also engaged.

Instagram may also assist you in increasing brand recognition and introducing new items. It enables you to advertise your business and goods in a nice, honest manner to your consumers without hard selling.

Even with all of these Instagram facts, you may be unclear of where to begin. We understand that the platform might be frightening at first, which is why we’ve prepared this introduction.

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Why Instagram and not the rest 

The fundamental benefit of Instagram over other social networking networks is its visual character. Instagram is the ideal medium to promote content if your business benefits from the appearance of your merchandise or if your service has a plainly evident final result.

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Although video, picture, and animation are all excellent content options for this social networking site, your marketing plan will ultimately define what sort of material to produce and how frequently to post it. Establishing a plan before delving into a new platform for social media can keep you concentrated on your objectives and, most crucially, your viewers.

Many companies feel obligated to be present on all social media platforms… They also overlook strategy. Don’t make this error.

Because Instagram is so different from other prominent social media platforms, it necessitates a unique marketing strategy. Begin here to establish your brand’s own look.

Set your Instagram Objectives

Before you begin posting on Instagram, ask yourselves (or your team) why you are there. Regardless of how popular the platform is, your response should not be “… because everybody else is.” To be long-term effective on Instagram, you must have a clear goal and objective to justify your time, energy, and financial commitment.

Determine your Instagram target demographic

Before you begin selling on Instagram, decide who you want to target. If you have additional marketing tactics, use them to keep your efforts constant. Remember to consider age, location, sexuality, income, hobbies, motives, and pain areas.

Perform a competitive analysis

Following the identification of your Instagram audience, conduct a competitive study to examine what other advertisers in your sector are posting.

Start by researching your top rivals’ Instagram profiles if you already know who they are. If not, look for comparable accounts by searching for phrases relating to your business and sector.

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Create a consistent Instagram brand.

Disjointed or random information confuses your readers and might cause you to lose fans. Keep a consistent brand look on your Instagram account to avoid this.

Consider your brand’s personality to decide what this looks like. What are the values of your brand? What does your brand mean to your consumers and employees? Are you daring, playful, gritty, or adventurous?

Increase the number of people who follow you on Instagram.

It takes time and effort to build a following. You may be inclined to go the easy route and purchase followers… don’t! Buying followers will not result in engagement, which is what you need to guarantee your posts are viewed. (In addition, Instagram’s latest API updates will erase those followers automatically!)

Why waste time and money on Instagram, when simply, someone else can do it all for you?

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