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The person who has made a mistake might

If you’ve made a big mistake and you don’t know what to do, talk to someone. In case you’re having trouble figuring out what you should do, contact a Gamstop helpline or Gamstop helpdesk. Gamstop staff will listen to you and provide you with information about the problem you are facing.

The person who has made a mistake might be asked to stay away from the site for a certain amount of time. You might be asked to write a personal apology. Once you have done this, you will be given a chance to explain what has happened. Gamstop staff how to cancel GamStop will decide on whether or not to lift the ban on your account after you’ve been given this explanation.

You might have to wait around for a while after you’ve contacted the Gamstop helpdesk. You will be given an answer within the next few hours, but this might take up to 24 hours. If you don’t receive an answer right away, you can call again. Your account might be put back under Gamstop’s supervision. You will have to remain active during this time.

After your self-exclusion is lifted, you might be asked to complete Gamstop’s Customer Support Programme. This involves completing some tasks related to gambling prevention. You might also be asked to take part in Gamstop’s Gamcare Programme.

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