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The Lincoln Project and Horn’s Twitter Messages

The Lincoln Project has sparked a social media uproar after publishing Horn’s private messages on Twitter. The project published her private messages despite not receiving her consent. Horn, who left the project in August 2020, alerted Twitter to the issue by tweeting to Jack Conway and Twitter Support. It is not clear why the Lincoln Project decided to publish Horn’s tweets. Horn didn’t give the Lincoln Project her permission to post her private messages and her Twitter account, resulting in wild reactions on social media.

Jennifer Horn

A series of tweets from the Lincoln Project about a private Twitter message from Horn has sparked a public feud. The project published Horn’s tweets before she left the organization, which has not responded to requests for comment. In response, Horn’s attorneys have filed a notice of potential legal action. But the group has been unable to explain why Horn resigned or why the tweets were posted on its Twitter account.

Horn’s resignation from the organization has been widely covered, with The New York Times exposing the sexual harassment allegations against John Weaver. Horn said that she felt compelled to resign because her fellow employees would not address the allegations. In July, The Lincoln Project paid Horn $375,000, with monthly payments of either $5,000 or $10,000. However, Horn took her frustrations with the organization, saying that it hired operatives to pose as white nationalists in order to spread its anti-Trump messaging.

After Horn’s resignation, the Lincoln Project published private messages between Horn and 19th News’ Amanda Becker. They later removed the tweets in the wake of the backlash. Horn and Becker discussed the reasons why she left, Horn’s compensation, and her relationships with co-founders. However, Lincoln Project did not provide proof of the compensation squabble and refused to reveal where the money came from. The Lincoln Project has also promised to conduct a review of its relationship with Weaver.

Meme 2020

A controversial new anti-Trump group called The Meme2020 campaign has teamed up with the Lincoln Project. The company is an official political action committee (PAC) and has already started rolling out memes on popular Instagram meme pages. The newest memes include a fake text message from an F.B.I. agent and a fake application for a New York State mail-in ballot. The Meme2020 team claims to have hired statisticians and data scientists to help them with their efforts.

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A new Lincoln Project meme is causing quite a stir. It’s not clear how the meme came to be. It doesn’t appear to be based on any tweets from the group, and the creator hasn’t even given credit to the original author. The project has been accused of stealing social media content in the past. Recently, it posted a parody video without giving credit to the original creator and used the exact same caption. It’s also been accused of copying content from comedian Vic Berger, which is not a good sign.

Meme2020 was founded by social media influencers and released its first round of election memes last month. It is affiliated with Jerry Media, the social media marketing company founded by James Ohliger and Elliot Tebele, and is responsible for a number of popular Instagram accounts, including @fuckjerry. Last year, the company faced criticism from content creators for stealing content. The Fyre Festival promotional campaign, however, was a failure. Purzycki, the company’s chief executive, claims that it is not connected with Jerry Media and does not create any content, and is only a social media marketing company that promotes arts-related causes.

Jerry Media

Recently, President Trump tweeted about the Lincoln Project. The group is made up of former and current Republicans, including Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and George Conway, husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway. While it has a centrist ideology, it has spent millions on advertising to demonize the current administration. Its Twitter and Instagram accounts have nearly two million followers, which suggests it’s appealing to both the donor class and online political junkies.

After hearing of the scandal, The Lincoln Project and Meme 2020, a social media group that has a long history of promoting anti-Trump campaigns, quickly reacted and tweeted about the controversy. While Meme 2020 has denied claiming to be behind the Lincoln Project’s recent Twitter campaign, the group has spent more than $10 million on outside firms that work with its board members. The Lincoln Project’s Twitter account was created in December 2019 and has over 1.9 million followers. However, recent filings show that the group has spent millions of dollars on firms run by its board members, including Meme2020, which was founded by Mick Purzycki, the CEO of Jerry Media.

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It’s unclear what the connection between the Lincoln Project and Meme 2020 is, but a number of conservative creators have accused the group of copying social media content. In one case, the group shared a parody video by USPS without credit and posted it with a nearly identical caption. It has also stolen content from comedian Vic Berger. Although this is unlikely to be the cause of the current controversies, it’s worth noting that the Lincoln Project is not responsible for the content being shared by other conservative websites.

Hoax white nationalist rally

A hoax white nationalist rally in Virginia has sparked a political controversy in the state. The event was staged by the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican group, on the eve of the Virginia gubernatorial election. In the wake of the stunt, the McAuliffe campaign and the state Democratic party denied involvement. A video of the incident posted on social media quickly gained widespread attention.

A group of individuals dressed as white nationalists has been spotted outside the campaign bus of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin in Charlottesville, where the deadly “Unite the Right” rally took place in August 2017. The event organizer, Jason Kessler, led a tiki torch mob through the University of Virginia, evoking Nazi torchlight parades.

The group claimed to be protesting President Trump’s “Right to Life” policies, and sent tiki torches to Youngkin’s tour bus. Some of the scammers wore white shirts and chinos from 2021 Alt-Right Design Studio. They did not even have a sign to indicate who they were. The Lincoln Project took the “finer’s” way out.

The Lincoln Project denied staging the rally and has been a media darling among Democrats. Although there have been a number of questions surrounding the Lincoln Project’s finances, its co-founder has been accused of sexual harassment. While previous polls have shown McAuliffe with a comfortable lead, recent Fox News polling shows Youngkin ahead in Virginia among likely voters. It is possible that the fake rally was staged to boost the Lincoln Project’s popularity and gain publicity.

Federal law violations

There’s been a firestorm over Lincoln Project Twitter following the disclosure of screenshots of private tweets and messages. While co-founder Jennifer Horn has since resigned, Schmidt has remained with the organization in a management capacity. The company has not yet responded to requests for comment. In addition, Horn hasn’t commented on the allegations, despite her adamant refusal to comment. While the Lincoln Project is currently investigating the matter, Horn did tweet that her account was private.

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In addition to claiming to support the Democratic Party, Lincoln Project also re-posted a meme by Internet creator Vic Berger IV without attribution. Vic Berger IV responded to the Lincoln Project’s post by sending a tweet referring to the project’s founders as “Iraqi child-killing neocons.” The Lincoln Project has not responded to the allegations. However, the organization has been hacked, and it has urged Twitter to investigate and take action.

The allegations against Weaver, a former executive director at the Lincoln Project, include a claim that she sent sexually explicit messages to young gay men on Twitter. Weaver has denied the allegations. While the Lincoln Project has remained silent on the matter, its co-founders have increased their media profile in response to the scandal. This time, they were accused of violating Federal law and may face legal action.

Relevance of the lincoln project

The relevancy of Lincoln Project Twitter is up for debate. A group devoted to fighting the Trump presidency has recently made headlines when they posted a meme without attribution. Vic Berger IV, an internet celebrity, responded to the post with a tweet that labelled project founders as “Iraqi child-killing neocons.” The Lincoln Project did not respond to a request for comment.

The Lincoln Project has a reputation for viral digital ads, including a recent one in which it staged a tiki-torches rally at a campaign rally for Virginia governor candidate Glenn Youngkin. The stunt was meant to remind Virginians of the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville that left one dead. This stunt garnered widespread attention, but many were uninformed of its source. While it was undoubtedly a provocative stunt, the tiki-torches campaign did not get very far.

The Lincoln Project is an operative group composed of disaffected Republican activists. The executives of the Lincoln Project have set up a war room outside Washington, D.C., and have been targeting Trump since January. Historically, the group has targeted Democratic candidates. Their most recent ad is titled “Regret” and features David Cross, a political consultant, listing Trump’s flaws in a lengthy recitation.


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