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The best horror games in 2023

With compelling narratives and stunning visuals, video games can take players on an incredible journey into a fantastical virtual world.

Inducing a positive mood and a rush of adrenaline, horror video games are a popular genre. As a bonus, you may utilize them to help them feel better and release their souls from their bodies. If you’re feeling courageous, these are the scariest horror games you can play.

10. P.T (Silent Hills) (Silent Hills)

Here we see a photo of the P.T. Nightmare Corridor. Logo-branded demonstration

It’s no surprise to see apprehension of the unknown at work in Silent Hills P.T. By showcasing the sequel’s potential, this teaser proved that engaging games don’t need to be long.

Players in P.T. P.T. experience a terrible mood as they aimlessly explore a labyrinth of passageways. The gamer may experience feelings of confinement due to the use of P.T.

9 Visage

Visage is perhaps the most horrific horror game of the present day. Fans of the previously canceled P.T. may see this as its spiritual successor. It’s a first-person, psychological horror narrative. Several deaths have taken place there, and a number of evil spirits have been exorcised from the home.

The shadows play a significant role in Visage’s setting design. The player must solve riddles and look for ghostly figures in the darkness. There are several instances of bloodshed, gore, and fright in Visage. This makes for a tense environment that keeps the gamer on edge.

8 Little Nightmares

Players in Little Nightmares assume the character of Six, a little youngster dressed in yellow who finds himself trapped on board the Maw with a crew of monstrous, child-eating adversaries.

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Getting through all of the foes standing in Six’s way will need her to be stealthy and mask her traces. Further she travels into the maw’s depths, the more corrupted she gets. Playing Little Nightmares might make you feel like a little speck in a world filled with giants.

7 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a seminal horror game that pioneered the genre of psychological horror and set the bar high for subsequent titles in the genre. Throughout the game, you assume the role of Daniel, a young man who, in the vein of Lovecraftian Gothic architecture, investigates the eerie ruins of the Brennenberg castle.

No fighting means players in Amnesia: The Dark Descent have no way to protect themselves, making the game all the more terrifying. For fear of losing his mind, Daniel must flee the darkness where grotesque creatures lurk and seek refuge.


The team behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent has released another game called SOMA. 2015 saw its debut in stores. Simon plays the lead in this terrifying survival game. At his state of disorientation, he has no clue how he ended himself in an underwater abandoned institution.

SOMA is an experience that, without resorting to jumpscares, will leave you feeling mentally muddled and foolish. There are very deep philosophical ideas in there that will challenge your very humanity.

5 Layers of Fear

The first-person psychological horror game Layers of Fear tells the story of a gifted artist who slowly loses his mind while attempting to create his magnum opus and legacy. The game’s unsettling atmosphere will keep you engrossed throughout similar to Backrooms game.

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The player must explore the player’s apparently unending and uninteresting house in order to reach the frightening monsters that await him there. The foreboding soundtrack and steadily deteriorating settings in Layers of Fear will keep you hooked until you’ve completed the game.

4 Alien: Isolation

The science fiction film Alien: Isolation pays homage to the original Alien movies. Amanda Ripley’s quest for answers about her mother provides the narrative arc. There are others who, like her, are trying to learn what happened to their mothers, too.

While exploring the derelict space station, the player must gather materials to craft useful things and crack into computer systems. Amanda had to go into hiding in Alien: Isolation. But even that is not a sure thing. The constantly changing artificial intelligence of the alien ensures that no two games are ever the same. If the player continues to use the same methods of stealth, it will ultimately discover their whereabouts.

3 Resident Evil: Biohazard

The Resident Evil games have always been at the forefront of the horror genre, with Resident Evil 7 Biohazard being the most terrifying entry in the series. Introduction to the Baker family, who were subjected to a life of servitude at Eveline’s hands (she is a bioweapon with the ability to shape humans into her own image).

You play as Ethan Winters, who has arrived at the Baker house in search of his missing wife Mia. In Biohazard, players take control of Ethan Winters as he tries to get away from the evil Baker family. They’ve taken on the traits of the Eldritch and cannibalistic society from Eveline. Sometimes, players may need to depend on stealth and their wits to make it through a dangerous situation. When ammunition is scarce, one must be careful to save what they have.

Horror game

2 Phasmophobia

The Phasmophobia logo, including a backdrop made from a camping guide.

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In comparison to other horror games, Phasmophobia has a novel approach. Features a first-person perspective and close-range communication with portable radios. You may take on the role of the ghost hunter and either team up with other people or do it alone.

In order to identify the specific supernatural entity they’re up against, players in Phasmophobia require access to a broad range of resources. Infrared cameras and spirit boxes are two examples. Things may be moved by ghosts, and you can go on actual ghost hunts! In the beginning of the ghost’s quest, the lights will flicker. Players must avoid the spirit’s capture by taking cover along its raging route.

1 Outlast

Many people consider Outlast to be the scariest video game ever made. Investigative journalist Miles Upshur must investigate the decrepit mental hospital of Mount Massive Asylum. Among the disfigured patients he encounters there are others with a taste for blood.

The fascinating nature of Outlast comes from its atmospheric sound design and its lack of fighting. In Outlast, the sound design is so good that you can hear your foes breathing and even their footsteps. Miles will not be able to evade his pursuers by ducking under desks or hiding in closets.