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Suzuki GSX 125 Price in Pakistan, Specifications & features in Pakistan 2023

The new Model of Suzuki bike is launched with the name Suzuki GSX 125 in Pakistan. People are seeking the Suzuki GSX price in Pakistan in 2023. Many Vehicles of the company Suzuki are imported to Pakistan.

But Suzuki bikes are demanded nowadays. In the market, Suzuki bikes are generating great revenue for the Company. Many bikes Suzuki company are launched in Pakistan in the previous weeks & months, they are doing great business. One of their famous bikes which is in great demand these days is SUZUKI GSX 125 which has been successfully launched in Pakistan a few weeks back. People are loving the new bike. 

Suzuki GSX 125 price in Pakistan 2023:

 In the country Pakistan, the majority of the people use bikes. And they use it mostly for their travel purpose from their homes to their workplaces. The youth use it for their entertainment. This bike is a bit expensive for customers. While on the other side, the bike has all the basic and extra features that can easily impress people.

Suzuki GSX 125 2023 price in Pakistan is about 359,000 PKR which is much more costly as related to other vehicles of this segment but features given with this bike easily make this bike’s price worthful.

Suzuki GSX 125 Design 2023:

The Suzuki GSX 125 comes with an extremely stylish, sleek, and athletic appearance most of the people who were at the Pakistani PAAMA event in 2023 preferred this bike design. In Addition, a lot of individuals state that this bike is more attractive than Yamaha YBR 125cc bike. The Pak Suzuki Company displayed this bike at the event without any stickers on it.

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The Suzuki GSX 125 comes in 3 different Colors:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

Suzuki GSX 125 Body:

The brand-new Suzuki 125 price in Pakistan 2023 is very much reasonable and no doubt according to its outer look and specifications this price is not too much. The design of the bike is very elegant and graceful. The shiny texture of this bike helps to enhance its beauty. With the sleek and bold design on its body, it looks like a sport bike and instantly attacks the eyes of customers. The shape of the bike is designed in such a way that riders feel comfortable. 

Suzuki Manufacturers are doing great work since 1909. The origin of the Company Suzuki is Japan. Till today, the company had manufactured a large num of vehicles which includes: bikes, cars, trucks, and heavy vehicles. Around this year millions of bikes are exported to different countries throughout the world. 

The grading of the company Suzuki is increasing yearly. The Suzuki Company has received many rewards due to the continuous better performance of the vehicles that they manufacture. The prominent feature of their vehicles is their fuel-efficient engine and their better mileage. The vehicles of the Suzuki Company are in the race of competing with other vehicle manufacturing companies.

Specifications of Suzuki GSX 125:

The brand-new Suzuki GSX 125 comes with a petrol engine that comes with the dimensions of 1990/755/1075 mm. it comes with a displacement of 125cc and produces the Horsepower of 10.0Hp @ 9000 RPM with a torque of 9.0 Nm @ 7000 RPM. The vehicle has multiple wet plates that come with a 5-speed transmission with manual gears.

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Suzuki GSX 125 Fuel Average 2023:

This bike comes with very superb mileage. The bike comes with a total mileage of 40km/L. And it has helped the bike a lot to show its excellent power performance majority of the people had given good reviews to the bike. Which increases the rating of the bike. The bike has a total fuel tank capacity of 14L which gives a total average of 40km/L. You can also see the best fuel efficient average cars.

Suzuki GSX 125 Highlighted Features 2023:

  • Good Design.
  • Good fuel Average.
  • Self-start.
  • Alloy Wheels.
  • Front Disk Brakes.
  • SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance).

Competitors of Suzuki GSX 125 in the Market:

This segment of motorbikes is fully packed and every company is trying to become best-selling bike company this year. The competitors of Suzuki GSX 125 include Yamaha YBR 125, Yamaha YBR 125G, Yamaha YBR 125Z, Yamaha YBR 125Z DX, Honda CG 125, Honda CG 125 SE, and well-known Untied US 125 are the main and direct competitors.