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Ruby on Rails Developers Skills and Career Roadmap

Thinking of starting a career as a Ruby on Rails developers? Or are you already one but looking forward to becoming a senior developer? The essential thing in a career is identifying exactly what you want. It is a necessity to build a career roadmap for clarity about your future and to avoid stagnancy. Moreover, being comfortable at work, and being in a role for a long period will make you lazy and you will find yourself unable to move forward to your next opportunity. It could reduce your ambition as well.

Hence, this short guide will help you build a career map for becoming an expert Ruby on Rails Developer. Let’s get started!

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby is a backend-based programming language that develops applications quickly, with clear, concise, and easy-to-understand code. Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, is the most popular Ruby framework used for full-stack web development. They are Object Oriented programming and focus on code reuse, concise syntax, and rapid development. Ruby on Rails developers can easily build data processing services, desktop applications, websites, and automation tools with it. It can also be used for DevOps, web servers, and web crawling and scraping. 

When combined with Rails, it can create more sophisticated apps and software including database-driven web applications. Rails are open source with a huge community of developers. The framework is popular among startups and works well with any form of business, including e-commerce, social networking, ERP solutions, etc. It is insanely efficient for traffic-heavy websites due to its quick processing that helps scale up and manage huge traffic. That’s why companies such as Netflix, Hulu, Shopify, Github, Airbnb, eBay, etc use it. As a young startup, Ruby on Rails developers can also help in building the MVP faster and better than the competitors.

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Ruby on Rails Developers’ Responsibilities

Ruby on Rails Developer responsibilities can change depending on whether they are senior level or junior or depending upon the project they’re working on. However, some common responsibilities can be:

  • Coding assignments.
  • Writing clean, efficient Ruby on Rails code
  • Working with libraries and Gems
  • Building databases
  • Using REST API and its functions
  • Integrating individual components and programs into one system
  • Collaborating with clients, project managers, designers, front-end developers, and other teammates around each stage of the project life cycle.
  • Testing code for accuracy, efficiency, and functionality.
  • implementing design plans.
  • Documentation
  • Debugging

Ruby/Rails Career Roadmap

You first have to master both Ruby and RoR. Then join as a junior developer and learn all the practical aspects of design and development. You can either be a backend developer, full-stack or database developer, etc. Anything you choose.  After around 5 years of experience and gaining knowledge enough to build a full application, you can now be a Senior Ruby on Rails developer. By that time, you’d have sharpened your development skills, and programming proficiency, and have also honed interpersonal skills, designing skills, technical project management skills, team management skills, and architectural skills.

Years of experience is as valuable as the expertise level. The longer you spend on complex and challenging Ruby or Rails projects, the better offers you’re likely to get. Your resume will then speak for you. It will hone your skills and make you an expert in Ruby on Rails in due time. 

Different Roles For Ruby on Rails Developers-

If you are starting as a junior programmer, there are not many positions for you except for tester, debugger, junior developer, etc. For a skilled, senior Ruby on Rails developer, career paths include:

  • Senior Ruby Developer
  • Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Backend Developer
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Highest-paying Ruby and Rails job titles are:

  • Ruby Engineer
  • Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer
  • Senior Ruby Developer
  • Full Stack Ruby/ Ruby on Rails Developer

Top skills of a Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails developers requires both technical skills and soft skills to succeed in their careers. 

Technical Skills Required-

  • Firm grasp of Ruby language. Its syntax, operations, etc.
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Programming, data structures, loops, modules, and classes.  
  • Ruby Metaprogramming
  • Application of Gems. Gems are a collection of libraries, add-ons, plugins, and tools. Knowing how to install and use them is essential. 
  • Coding in Ruby on Rails. Should know principles like DRY, COC, and MVC architecture and implement them in programming.
  • Front-end skills- Learn to incorporate JavaScript, CSS, and HTML with Ruby. Also should know about DOM.
  • Knowledge of Database management so can build a good backend. SQL and MySQL are two important databases that you can learn if you want to get into database management. Otherwise, theoretical knowledge is mandatory if you want to use gems such as ActiveRecord.
  • Know how to integrate the backend, frontend, and database together.
  • Knowledge and implementation of REST API 
  • Database modeling
  • Monitoring, planning, algorithm building, and estimation skills.
  • Tools handling skills- Knowledge of Docker, Heroku, Trello, and asana is essential.

Non-technical skills

  • Analytical and reasoning skills
  • Problem-solving and learning attitude
  • Clear workplace communication skills
  • Critical thinking 
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Openness to experience

These are essential skills required in Ruby on Rails developers. The more you hone them, the better are your chances to be an expert, senior developer.

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Being a web developer is one of the best professions considering how ever an organization is adopting the digital age. Moreover, an average Ruby on Rails developer is paid up to 86% more than the national average salary in the US. There are indeed lots of opportunities out there and for the right reasons. With Ruby, startups can build a highly scalable, robust, secure, and quick web application and website.

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