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Best Real Estate Companies To Choose For Your Construction Project In The US?

The process of buying a house is stressful at its best moment and totally hell at its worst moment. A recent study has shown that around 30% of all home sellers and buyers turn to real estate companies to assist them in buying the best thing. 

The real estate industry provides services more than just buying a residential home-buying. There are several companies and properties that real estate companies can own. Therefore investing in them is likely to earn a sizable and adequate amount in return. 

The real estate business has several types of properties, including such as residential, industrial, commercial, and land as well. The real estate business is distinguished by constructing services and buying and selling services. In this article, we are going to discuss with you the best real estate companies to choose for your construction project in the US. 

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The Real Estate Companies To Choose For The Construction Project In The US

Below we have discussed several real estate companies to choose from for the construction project in the United States. 

1) Keller Williams Realty

One of the biggest real estate companies is Keller Williams Realty. This office is located in Austin, TX, and sells local residential properties to its clients. This company’s founders are Gray Keller and Joe Williams. They established this brokerage company in 1983. 

By the next two to three years, the company already had 72 agents that were working for them. The number of these agents has increased over time. 

In 1990 the real estate company started branching beyond the Texas state line and also was distributing their business’s pamphlets across the state. In this way, they actually were able to set up their business well in the year 2000 and encouraged them to run their business in luxury estates. 

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In recent times Keller Williams Realty has put a lot of work into developing its real estate business across the globe. They recently also franchised in South Africa, Many countries in South America, and so on. On the other hand, if you have a low budget for modern three-bedroom house-making intentions, then this real estate business will be perfect for your infrastructure company. 

2) Brookfield Asset Management

Being the real estate company Brookfield Asset Management company, there is a long and scattered history. This company was founded over 120 years ago by a Brazilian businessman named San Paulo as a light and power company. In that case, it functioned mainly as an infrastructure management company. 

After that, in 1960, the company shifted to Canada and changed its name to Brascan Limited. When this company was in North America that time it was providing services beyond just infrastructure services but also renewable power, providing equity, and so on. 

Now it is one of the largest real estate companies in the world, with $208 billion worth of properties. Not only that, but currently, more than 22,000 employees are working. 


When it comes to buying and selling real estate property, then CBRE is one of the top real estate companies. They assist anyone or any infrastructure projects who are looking for better services in purchasing, selling or even investing in commercial real estate. In addition, they are working in every corner of the world, from America to Asia. 

The company was founded in early 1900, but at that time, the company went through a lot of changes both in names and ownership. All around the 1990s, CBRE went public and increased the percentage of its real estate market by adopting many other brokerages. 

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4) Cushman Wakefield, Inc.

In 1917, Cushman Wakefield, Inc. was established by two brothers-in-law in New York City. The progress of this real estate company was slow, but after that, it became steady for around 40 years. Then in 1969, the company became a project developer for Chicago Sears Tower.

From that time, Cushman Wakefield Inc. sought expansion in Europe. In that case, one of the major players in this industry, Healy Baker, had been acquired. This led them to join several other real estate firms across the globe in places such as South America, Asia, and so on. 

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5) American Tower Corporation

The American tower corporation is not providing services like other real estate companies. This tower is in the function of developing wireless communication like cell phone towers.

The American corporation tower grew to be one of the biggest real estate investment trusts across the globe. This company went public because its parent company switched its hands to CBS. 

The American tower company set up locations in several places, such as Brazil, Mexico, and so on. They basically excelled and were highlighted in these locations. It can connect with several construction companies like Talbon construction, etc. 

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We have discussed the best real estate companies to choose for you in 2023 above in this article. These real estate platforms are working properly and also deserve the best place over the other companies. These companies are actually listed among the top 10 companies. Apart from that, real estate investment is actually worthwhile.  

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Thank you for reading till the end.