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New Zealand Visa Post Covid: visas now available online


The outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 has caused social and economic disruption to communities all over the world in unprecedented ways. New Zealanders have been no exception, with much of the nation largely closed to tourists for more than a year as a result of strict border policies imposed to control the spread of the virus.

Since the start of the pandemic, New Zealand’s government has taken an exceptionally strong stance when it comes to regulating border entry, with all international travel suspended apart from a select few exceptions. Consequently, all applications for non-essential overseas travel are currently being declined, and only those with official business can apply. New Zealand visa post covid

In response to the limited travel options afforded to New Zealanders, the government has recently introduced a range of visa types specifically designed to meet the needs of those in certain circumstances. These new visas allow those in areas deemed low-risk by the government to enter the country and travel freely, with many offering extended stays.

One such visa is the ‘Explore NZ Longer’ visa, tailored to those wanting to stay in the country for a month or longer for work, study or leisure. This visa comes with a range of benefits including multiple entry options, the ability to renew before the expiry date, and the opportunity to witness some of the nation’s extraordinary landscapes and wildlife.

Nationals of certain overseas countries are also eligible to apply for the ‘Visiting Friends & Family’ visa, which allows travelers to visit relatives residing in New Zealand for a period of up to 3 months. This is an especially attractive option for those in countries with which New Zealand currently has strong ties, such as Australia. New Zealand Visa for US Citizens

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Meanwhile, the New Zealand government has announced plans for the implementation of a ‘visitor pass’, designed to open up the country to a range of international destinations. This pass will provide holidaymakers with a fast and easy way to travel to the country, with eligibility determined by the levels of risk associated with each nation.


For those wishing to travel to New Zealand post-covid, the country’s government has put in place a range of innovative and comprehensive visa options sure to suit a variety of needs. Whether it’s a longer stay or a quick holiday, those with the right visa type should be able to access the country’s wide range of activities with ease.