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Can we marry with Bhakoot dosh?

When matching couples based on their horoscopes for marriage, bhakoot is said to be crucial. It has a maximum of seven points. Bhakut plays a crucial role in “Ashtkoot Guna Milan,” which matches Kundlis. Bhakoot is situated second from the top and seventh from the bottom. According to the guidelines of Gun Milan for kundali reading, Gunas are given for the purpose of Kundli matching or the marriage horoscope. For a marriage to succeed, the effects of the Bhakoot dosha must be canceled.

Meaning of Bhakoot

According to Vedic Astrology, Bhakoot Dosh, which can be detrimental to a happy marriage, is created when moon signs in a couple’s birth charts make negative combinations like 6-8, 9-5, or 12-2. These elements are combined as follows:

  • The moons of the boy, who is born under the sign of Aries, and the girl, who is born under the sign of Virgo, will be eight and six respectively. In this instance, a combination of 6 and 8 is made.
  • Bhakut in the 6–8 Kundli: This combination will be extremely detrimental to the couple’s health and may even necessitate surgery.
  • Bhakoot 9 to 5: This may result in serious relationship issues as well as problems with children. (When one person’s moon sign is Virgo and another person’s sign is Taurus)
  • Bhakut in the Kundli of 12–2: The marriage will experience health issues, and finances will suffer greatly. (When one person’s moon is in Gemini while another person’s moon is in Taurus)
  • In extreme situations, one of the spouses may pass away if their birth chart contains other malefic beliefs in addition to Bhakoot. In a marriage, there will be plenty of arguments and fights that could end in divorce.
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Negative Impact of Bhakoot Dosha

Bhakoot Dosha can cause a variety of major problems in a marriage. These issues won’t be obvious, but they will eventually have a significant impact on a marriage. The following effects will be felt by the subject:

  • They’ll have monetary issues in their marriage. Many different things can cause this problem. For instance, the firm fails despite significant investment or labor because one of the partners is completely dependent on the other.
  • Having children will provide challenges. This may also cause problems in the marriage, such as an unsatisfactory physical relationship.
  • Their relationship will be marked by frequent arguments and battles, which could result in a legal divorce.
  • It can also result in the death of one partner if Bhakoot Dosha coexists with another malefic dosha in your horoscope.

Remedies of Bhakoot Dosha

The most effective technique to get rid of dosha in a married couple’s life is to use bhakt dosh treatments. Bhauk Dosh may result in divorce and create a number of other unforeseen issues in a couple’s marriage. You would benefit from having Bhakut Dosh canceled because it can enable you to get rid of a lot of unfavorable and unwanted circumstances in your own life.

However, we can attempt to get rid of Bhakut Dosh from our lives. Although it can be diminished, it never fully vanishes. Yet, some treatments can be carried out with the aid of astrologers. This could aid in reducing the dosh’s harmful effects.

The effects of Bhakoot Dosha do not entirely disappear. There are, however, remedies for it that one can practice religiously and with the help of professional astrologers.

  • A professional astrologer can provide help when performing pooja for Bhakut Dosh.
  • Mahamrityunjaya Mantra recitation. Havan puja is another option.
  • Wear gemstone earrings and pendants as your astrologer has advised as a Dosha treatment.
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In addition to these remedies, there are a lot of other Bhakut Dosh cures after marriage that you can implement. The most effective treatments to reverse the negative effects of Bhakut Dosh include Yantra, Mantras, Havans, and Pujas. Yantra and Mantra are both known to be highly pricey. Bhakoot Shanti Puja ought to be conducted as a result.


Bhakoot Dosha has effects or implications that cannot be generalized since they vary for every horoscope depending on the placement of another planet in the birth chart. There is a chance for even more problems if this Dosha coexists in their horoscope with Nadi Dosha, Gana Dosha, etc. Bhakut Dosha slowly destroys marriages over time, thus issues do not arise straight away.

There are treatments for Bhakoot Dosha, thus there are normally not many reasons to be alarmed. To ascertain whether this situation is actually harmful, the couple should consult an astrologer. Couples can easily reduce the effects of this Dosha by participating in pujas, reciting specific mantras, and giving to charitable organizations.