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Mango Import & Export from India

The love affair between mangoes and Indians dates back centuries. ‘The king of fruits’ holds a special place in every individual’s heart. Our country is the largest producer of mangoes in the world, growing about 1000 varieties in specific geographical locations. 

The mango exporters mainly export varieties such as Alphonso, Totapuri, Kesar, and Banganpalli. Also, the export of mangoes takes place in three forms – mango pulp, fresh mango, and mango slice. The major competitors of Indian mango exporters in the international market are Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Pakistan, Yemen, Thailand, and the Netherlands. As per recent data, approximately 30 metric tonnes of mangoes have been exported to countries such as Ireland, the EU, UK, the middle east countries, etc. 

The major producers of organic mango in India are Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. With a share of 23.47% and the highest productivity, Uttar Pradesh ranks first in the production of mangoes. 

Varieties exported by mango suppliers from India

Indian mango exporters supply many different varieties of this fruit to the international market. The major countries which import this fruit from India are Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and Nepal. Some popular types of this fruit include:

  • Alphonso – It is one of the most famous varieties of mango across the world. As it is a seasonal fruit, it can be found somewhere around mid-April to the end of June. They possess a creamy and rich texture and their pulp is non-fibrous and juicy. In full ripeness, Alphonso mangoes have golden-yellow skin with a dash of red. 
  • Kesar – The kesar mango export from India is done in a large amounts. Also, known as the ‘Gir Kesar’, it is cultivated in the foothills of Girnar in Gujarat. They are quite popular for their bright orange-colored pulp. They are cultivated somewhere around October after the monsoon season. 
  • Pairi – One of the most popular varieties in India, it is oval in shape and weighs approximately 250-450 grams. This variety of fruit is juicy and fiberless and has a pronounced scent and possesses an excellent quality. 
  • Neelum – Popular for its unique taste, beautiful shape, and floral aroma, it is generally grown in states such as Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. 
  • Langra – Also known as the Banarasi Langra, it is primarily cultivated in the Northern part of India. It is harvested around the last half of July and retains a greenish tinge when ripened. 
  • Dashehari – A famous variety of northern India, it is known for its pleasant aroma and exquisite taste. 
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Challenges faced by the mango suppliers

India’s mango exports have been increasing steadily, but when we compare the number with India’s overall output and the world’s export market, the figure appears to be very low. One of the primary reasons why India is not exporting much is that most fresh mangoes are traded within short distances. A report by the National Horticulture Board states that India and Pakistan are the main suppliers of mangoes to West Asia, while the Philippines and Thailand are the main fruit supplier to Southeast Asia.

Due to the use of pesticides in India, the US banned mango imports from our country. Although the ban was removed in 2007, the exports are still too less. 

How to trade in mangoes with International markets?

As one of the largest producers of mango in the world, it is only quite obvious to export this fruit to other countries of the world.

Following are the documents that you will need to export this fruit from India:

  • Bill of Export/ Shipping Bill
  • Airway Bill/ Bill of Lading 
  • Commercial Invoice

In addition, you need to visit the nearest office of the Export Inspection Agency and get your pre-shipment certificate. The agency will examine the consignment, draw samples, test, and will provide you with the certificate. 

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