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Learn To Draw Joker Drawings Easy | Drawing Tutorial

Drawings Easy Oh, my God, Batman! Once more, The Joker is at large. Put the Joker’s face on a “Wanted” poster by learning how to draw it.

Drawings Easy Joker is Batman’s most formidable adversary. With a white face, bright lips, and oddly colored hair, he has a clown-like appearance. He does, however, have a terrible sense of humor, like a terrifying clown.

Easy Joker Drawing

A supervillain wasn’t always The Joker. He was a small-time criminal in Gotham City, no doubt. However, after slipping into a vat of dangerous chemicals, he became insane. Later, his therapist falls in love with him and transforms into the infamous Harley Quin, a supervillain in her own right.

Did you realize it? Since 1940, there has been a Joker. Mark Hamill is one of the many voice and on-screen actors that have played him (a.k.a. Luke Skywalker). Learn how to draw the Joker in portrait orientation with the help of this cartoon drawing tutorial. The Joker can also be illustrated in a 3/4 perspective.

Step By Step Joker Drawing

See the Batman Drawing or How to Draw the Justice League Logo tutorials for extra simple and entertaining instructions.


  • Draw the Joker’s anime-inspired eyes to start outlining his face. Draw the wrinkled brows with curving lines strongly pointed at the edges.
  • The half-circle eye beneath each brow should then be enclosed with a curving line.


  • To represent the pupils, shade a half-circle inside of each eye. Draw the Joker’s nose next. For each nostril and side of the nose, draw a curving line.


  • To make the Joker’s nose tip, draw a “V” shape with curled ends. Then open his broad, sinister mouth. Draw curving lines around the mouth, with a brief line at each corner.
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  • To represent the lips, draw curving lines parallel to the top and bottom of the mouth. Then draw multiple vertical lines and another horizontal line through the mouth. These represent the fangs of the Joker.


  • Sketch the face of the Joker. Use long, curving lines for the cheeks, jaw, and pointed chin, and “C” shapes for the ears. Draw an upside-down “U” beneath the mouth to further emphasize the chin.


  • Use curved lines to detail the interior of each ear. Next, make a broad “C” shape over the face. This will eventually transform into the Joker’s signature upward “swoosh.”


  • Keep sketching more hair. Use curved and straight lines to draw the hairline on the forehead and sideburns. To connect with the point of the swoosh, draw a shorter line.


  • Complete the Joker’s hair enclosure. Use curving lines with varying lengths that come together sharply.


  • Finish up the shape of the Joker’s face by contouring the villain’s evil features. Draw furrows on the forehead, in the space above the eyebrows, and between them using curved and “V”-shaped lines.

How to Sketch the Joker with a Pencil

Here’s a simple joker pencil sketch tutorial. Our video instruction will guide you through this process, even if you are a beginning artist. To get the greatest results, just make sure you follow the steps in the right order. Drawing helps children improve their fine motor abilities, so they can also master this craft. The only tools you’ll need are drawing paper and a pencil.

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