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How to Fix Instagram Music not Working (2023)?

Instagram music feature has been quite helpful to the people who love to upload their content with music, be it a post or a story. Because of this feature now all your content can have a suitable song in the background. 

But sometimes due to some reasons you might see that instagram music is not working, well it that’s the case, this guide will help you to know ‘why can I add music to my instagram story 2023’ and how you will be able to get a solution for this problem. 

Solutions to Fix Instagram Music not Working for Your Account – 

So, here are some of the possible solutions which you can give a try to tackle this problem of yours. 

No. 1 – Updating the instagram application 

With each update instagram adds something new to its platform similarly music feature was also added to instagram via an update. If you haven’t updated your instagram app recently then you might not be able to get this feature. 

To update the instagram app you are using, you are required to move to play store or app store whichever is there on your device. 

In the store you have to look for instagram app and when you find it you will see a button named update on the screen. 

To get the latest version of the application you are just required to tap the update button which will also fix instagram music search not working for your account. 

You can also either restart the application or you can uninstall it and then reinstall it once again. 

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No. 2 – Logging out of your account and then logging in back again 

The next solution which we have for you is to first log out of your account which can clear the minor glitches and then after some time log in to your account back. 

To log out of your instagram account you need to first move to the application and then to your profile. 

On the profile page, you have to click on the three horizontal lines you see on the screen in the right corner at the top. 

Opt for settings and then simply tap on log out button after which wait for a few minutes after exiting the application. 

Now, get back to instagram app once again and put in the login details in the respective fields on the screen and hit on log in button and see if the music feature is now available to you or not. 

No. 3 – Using instagram help centre 

If none of the solutions is working for you to fix instagram music not working then the last option you have is to contact help centre of instagram. 

You have to open your profile and then tap on settings following which press on help tab. 

Select the option of report a problem after which you need to write down your problem in the space on the screen and opt for upload if you want to add some relevant pictures, etc. 

After completing it tap on send button to submit the report and wait till it has been fixed.