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Inclined Belt Conveyor

What Is a Conveyor 


A conveyor is a machine that moves materials from one location to another. There are many types of conveyors with similar but different uses. This article overviews five types – inclined belt conveyors, gravity type conveyors, double-decked lift gates, tray slides, and chutes and piston machines transporting materials down. The apt belt type of conveyor is efficient because it moves material without much effort by the user on the input end. It can be used on top or bottom in the hopper to transport material in bulk or as a batch loader for partially finished products such as paperboard sheets.

Different Types of Conveyors

Belt conveyor

A Belt conveyor is a conveyor that uses an endless chain, or belt, to transport materials from one point to another. This type of conveyor is more efficient and cost-effective than other conveyors. The strap comprises a core and a flat platen supported by side guides. The inclined belt conveyor has an inclination where the belt begins, which causes the material being transported to flow up towards a higher point. There are situations where this type of belt system can require more maintenance due to cracking in the structure of the chain or platen, but this can typically be resolved with minor changes such as cleaning or lubricating the inner workings. Belt conveyors are one of the most economical ways to transport. They are used both in open and closed circuits regarding materials transport. The usual belt conveyor is a pulley-driven belt that transports material between the floor and ceiling or from tabletop to tabletop. Material can be pumped, weighed, and discharged on the top of the belt line.

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An inclined belt conveyor is a type of conveyor that can transport materials up an incline without the need for additional power. This type of system works like a gravity-powered escalator, with one end higher than the other, and relies on its angle to keep things moving. It doesn’t require constant power as gravity, but motors or wheels power it.

Screw conveyor

A screw conveyor is a belt conveyor that transports material along a spiral rather than in a straight line. A screw conveyor works like an Archimedes screw pump, with the coil supporting a minor helix around its outer edge, which drives the material upwards. Screw conveyors are used in applications where products near the ceiling stick to everything else within the room and require special handling.

Inclined plane conveyor

An inclined plane conveyor is a belt system that uses inclined planes to transport materials. In this system, an object or product rolls down one plane and up another. The incline can be between 10 and 40 degrees and is used to transport goods in bulk. This system can also create a “transfer zone,” which allows two conveyors to merge while maintaining the same slope.


The conveyor is oiled, generally as above, and then runs down the slope of the belt. The upper surface of such a belt is slicked with some oil so that it slips smoothly over its supporting rollers, and this surface is usually finished with paint or anti-slip coating. The oiling operation can be performed by applying a layer of oil to the upper surface before sliding the belt down on it.

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