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How To Improve Earphone Sound Quality In Android

In this modern era, almost everyone enjoys listening to music and watching movies while wearing a pair of quality earphones. But it might be possible that your phone does not have the speaker quality or volume level to make your stereo envious.  

Most budget earphones are either extremely loud or need a bass with minimal smooth loudness. This eventually hampers the overall user experience. Along with it, the speaker’s poor placement can also eliminate the enjoyment of the smooth sound. 

And you don’t want this to happen, right? 

Well, you don’t have to be worried anymore! If the volume of your Android phone is completely muted or too low, you can try various effective ways to fix the headphones or speakers of your smartphone. Although you can simply use a speaker booster app, most of the time, the volume can be improved with just a little know-how of mobile phone audio. 

Before diving into the top-notch ways how to improve earphone sound quality in Android, let’s explore what can be the possible causes of such issues with Android phone volume. 

Causes of Problems with Android Phone Volume

Plenty of issues can lead to different problems with the Android earphone sound: 

  • The activation of “Do Not Disturb Mode.” 
  • Your smartphone is tethered through Bluetooth to another device, where the sound is being played. 
  • The earphones or speakers have hardware issues. 
  • An app is running in the background (controlling the overall volume) 

If your phone’s volume is still low after ruling out the problems, there are equalizer apps and sound boosters you can try to enhance the sound performance. 

Here are the quickest ways to crank up your headphones’ volume on your Android device: 

Top 8 Effective Ways To Improve Earphone Sound Quality 

1. Disable Absolute Volume in Developer Settings 

If you are using Bluetooth earphones, this is an ideal choice for you. Otherwise, you can skip it. There’s an amazing “Absolute Bluetooth Volume” feature on Android devices. 

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It enables you to control the audio volume on both Bluetooth & your device with one set of volume controls on the go! 

And if you want to boost volume without using this feature, you’d need to increase your device’s volume and the earphone’s volume.  

Unfortunately, most Bluetooth headphones are not optimized for this particular feature. So, it has one drawback: you may need help with issues like low volume or audio quality. 

But this problem can be overcome easily by disabling the Absolute Volume in Developer Settings. 

2. Switch to High-Quality Streaming 

The music streaming applications (by default) limit the quality of audio to save your data bandwidth.  

Therefore, if you do not have any data restrictions, simply go to the app’s settings, and set the volume quality to maximum. It’ll ensure that you get the best sound quality. 

If you are a Spotify user, you have to go to Settings & scroll down to the option “Audio Quality.” Now, set its streaming quality to the point “Very High,” and you’ll eventually get an output of up to 320Kbps. 

Even if you are on a slow connection, the best way to get maximum quality is to set the download sound quality to maximum & then download the music. 

3. Check Speaker Placement 

The placement of the speaker and earphones on your phone also plays a crucial role in sound clarity and loudness. 

If it is at the rear, it will be muffled automatically while lying on your bed. On the contrary, if it is at its bottom, you will end up restricting it with your fingers while using or just holding the phone. 

Always keep the placement of earphones in mind, as it’ll assist you in positioning your smartphone in the best way. 

Furthermore, try to remove the phone case to check if it makes any disparity. 

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4. Built-in Audio Enhancement Options 

Many Android smartphones have built-in audio enhancement options, such as sound equalizers. 

This also involves Huawei Histen Sound Effects, Mi Sound Enhancer, Dirac HD Sound in Realme and Oppo, etc. — all of which are super smooth and user-friendly! 

You will generally find it in Sounds and Vibrations option after opening Settings. From there, see if your phone has one & tweak it for the outstanding audio output. 

All these options work amazingly for sound enhancement, and you will notice a huge difference in the earphone’s sound quality after giving them a try! 

5. Use Volume Booster Apps 

A good app can incredibly boost the sound of your device and increase the quality to another level. Some people might dismiss such applications and consider them scams. 

But we cannot deny their existence and the high-end performance of the volume-boosting apps! 

Most of the sound in audio files is usually below the maximum volume that it can produce. For instance, the chorus of a song must be louder compared to the verses. 

Therefore, the volume of the rest of the track has to be reduced in comparison. 

6. Clean Your Speakers 

Does your phone not sound the way it used to before? Well, it can be because of dust accumulation.  

Earphones, especially those containing silicon tips, tend to collect particles around the buds area. Over time, the dust and dirt particles may form layers which can decrease the audio quality after some time.  

If your case is the same, simply clean the earphones or speakers with a soft brush! 

The best part is that you do not have to perform any complex tasks in order to clean them. Blow some air via sound vents or by utilizing earbuds, and you’re good to go. 

7. Use High-Quality Earphones 

Buying an expensive pair of earphones is a huge waste of money. But believe me, and it isn’t! In fact, it can be absolutely WORTH it if you’re an audiophile. 

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Over-the-ear headphones and in-ear earphones are available at costs as low as $1 and up to $500 for premium products that can go out-of-the-box to produce satisfactory sound quality. 

Brands, including Oppo, have brought top-class revolutionary advancements in their new audio products! 

Yes, that’s right! These quality items give users accuracy and exceptional performance and offer earphones of different price ranges to help people of any budget. 

And if your budget does not allow you to purchase super-expensive headsets, there’s no need to worry about it! You can prefer purchasing a pair of wireless earphones or noise-canceling earphones that offer more comfort and flexibility like the expensive ones. 

8. Check if your case is blocking a speaker 

Here comes one of the most ignored things that are actually incredibly important. If your mobile has a protective cover, it’ll affect the sound quality. 

All those vibrations that come from inside the phone will be greatly damped by the extra layer of rubber or plastic that the manufacturer has yet to consider while designing the speaker system. 

Also, the case makers normally need help understanding the subtleties of your phone. Some cases resist important parts of your phone, like the speaker, microphone, and audio jack. 

Important note: While buying a cover, you must check that your case is made in such a way that it doesn’t block anything. 

Bottom Line – Enjoy Better Sound Quality 

That’s all, folks! This was all about improving earphone sound quality in Android in easy yet effective ways. We hope all these tips and methods will help you get better audio quality while watching videos or listening to music. 

Do you still have any queries or doubts? This manual guide will help you dissed your old earphones and dwell yourself into the divine sound quality.  

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