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How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

What is Mozbar?

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO: Moz is a website that was launched in 2004 as a search engine optimization consulting company. SEOMOZ was founded by Rand Fishkin and his mother Jillian together. Well, years have passed since they are one of the biggest names in the marketing and SEO industry

My previous post was about boosting the domain authority of a website or blog. But let me make it clear to you that MOZ Metrics is responsible for ranking any website domain or page authority. So, I felt the need to write a post about MOZ and Mozbar. Skysilk CEO Talks Parler and Amazon in Exclusive Interview

Moz has moved forward with many services. I recommend that you read them on the page. This will help you better understand what their achievements are, what they have achieved from 2004 to the present. 

There is an extensive list of their accomplishments. Now that Google Page Rank is gone, we’re left with Moz as the only source for checking the reputation of any website. 

Moz helps to check the domain authority as well as page authority of any website. Here is a link where you can check the reputation of your website. The better your website’s DA and PA, the better your website’s reputation.

What free and paid services does Moz provide?

Moz provides many paid and free services. I have always used their free services and they helped me a lot. The free services have some limitations, which are lifted when we become a Moz premium member.

It provides tools that help in SEO and local marketing.

SEO Improvement Tools:

Open Site Explorer

Keyword Explorer


Tools for local marketing:

My company details

My business console

Categories Research

For content marketing:

Moz Content

Twitter Analytics:


How can Moz be used to improve SEO?

The above services are good enough to use and help optimize your site or blog for SEO. I use the tools above to make my blog SEO friendly. I will explain the above-mentioned tools and services in detail.

So let’s start with Open link Explorer:

This tool supports checking the domain and page authority of any website. You can review it in the photo below.

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

This will not only help you get good DA and PA for your website, but it will also help you check the number of links pointing to the root level domain and the whole digit of links pointing to your site. And it also helps to check the spam rating of any website. You can review it in the photo below.

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How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

Keyword Explorer:

In the article How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO, When you use this amazing tool, you will get a lot of help with your keyword research. I always use this tool to get more accurate keyword suggestions.

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

In the image below, you can see this when I typed in the word SEO in the Keyword Explorer tool. I got a brief analysis of the “SEO” keyword. It shows keyword volume which shows how much the keyword is used by others, then it shows how hard it is to rank that keyword in Google SERP, it shows difficulty level 89 which is hard to reach or rank. Then comes opportunity and potential.

But it’s important to think that this keyword explorer tool provides keyword suggestions and analysis of search results. It does give some good keyword suggestions. And in SERP Analysis, we will get the title and URL of the pages that rank for the same keyword on the first page.

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

Then comes Mozbar

But I will discuss it and use it later in the same post.

My company details:

If you have a business website, you can easily check if your company is listed on some important search engines or not.

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

You can simply check by filling in your company name with the zip code of your location and you will be provided with all the information you need.

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

Now in the image above, as you can see, I don’t run a business website, but I run a blog, so this shows that your business is not listed on the major search engines. But instead, it provides a list of search engines with links where you can claim or list your business to improve local SEO. MOZ offers a number of search engines: Acxiom, Google, Facebook, Foursquare, and others. You can check your company details with this amazing tool.

Research categories:

More on How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO, Category research helps you find the exact or correct categories and optimize your local business. And secondly, it can help you find categories from different search engines in just one place. You can see the picture below for your reference.

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

What is MOZ Bar?

More info on How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO, Now let’s move on to my favorite tool that has been helping me since the day I started blogging. Mozbar is a tool that can help you with page elements, common attributes, link metrics, markup, and HTTP status. 

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And it also helps to define link types; we can easily check if the links on our pages are Dofollow, Nofollow, external or internal. What’s more, it can check to help us easily check the domain authority of any website. In the subheading below, I’ll explain how you can use Mozbar to improve your SEO.

How to use Mozbar?

To use Mozbar, you need to download and install Mozbar for your browser. Just download and install it, here is the link. It will be installed from the Chrome App Store and installed as a Chrome browser extension. You can check it out in the image below.

You can see that the installed image shows my blog’s current domain authority. So, after installing this Mozbar extension, you can check the DA of any blog or website in seconds. 

But after downloading and installing the extension in your browser, you will need to sign in to your Moz account. Check the following image for the same.

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

Now that you are logged in, you can check the DA and PA of any website. Yes, any blog can be easily checked out, but if you want to access some advanced options, double-click the Moz panel extension. A popup window will appear as shown in the image below.

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

You will then be able to see the DA as well as the PA of your blog or website. And even the number of reposts on Facebook and Google+.

Using Moz Bar for Better Search Engine Optimization.

I have been using Mozbar for many years for better search engine optimization. And I will try to provide you with a complete guide to improve optimization with Mozbar through screenshots.

Using it to test for on-page optimization:

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

In the screenshot above, you can see that we can easily test our optimization on the page. It includes the URL, page title, meta description, and other tags. But the best thing is that you not only analyze your website or pages, but you can also analyze competitor sites and check how your competitors are doing on-page SEO. Another thing it shows is the number of characters for different tags.

Checking common attributes:

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

This is also one of the most important things here you know about meta robots, canonicalization, page load time, your blog URL cached by Google, IP address, and country. 
The best part is that you can be sure that your canonical issue is resolved or not and what is the load time of specific pages of your blog. If you didn’t find Rel=”canonical” in Mozbar, you should resolve it ASAP.

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Link metrics (link information):

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

While Mozbar’s link metrics don’t show exact link metrics compared to the Moz website browser tool, it’s sometimes useful. It only shows the authority of the page and external links, which is enough to know about the rankings and links of competitors.


How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

Now, this markup helps us ensure that the meta tags we have placed on our website or blog are working correctly or not. As you can see in the screenshot above, the tag is missing and gives a message saying that was not found, while the rest are working correctly. 

And by checking this, I’m making sure that the open graph meta tags, Twitter cards, and microformats I’m using are working correctly. Here is a post that will do a great job of helping you with schema markup.

However, it will keep giving me a not found message until I use it on my site or set it up properly.

Check HTTP status:

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

It helps to check if a link is redirected. If the link is redirected, the 302 status code will be displayed instead of 200.

Checking links on a Nofollow or Dofollow page:

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

This Mozbar tool helps you find out what links are on a page. This helps determine if links are Nofollow or Dofollow and even helps determine if links are external or internal.

See the screenshot above; Different colors are used for different types of links. You don’t have to manually check the code to find out about links. It just changes the color of the link based on the link type.

Page optimization score:

How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO

This feature is new to me too. I haven’t used it much, but it helps to get an optimization score for a keyword and page. You can see in the photo overhead how it performs.

Finally, How to use Mozbar tools for better SEO what I want to say:

As we all know, this Google PageRank is no more. So our main focus should be on improving domain authority and I think Mozbar is good to help rank well in Google SERPs because with it we can improve our SEO and avoid mistakes.

And secondly, I would like to know your opinion about Mozbar and Moz Tools, so give me your comments.