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How to rent luxury homes: Different tips to follow immediately

Furthermore, renting luxury homes is convenient because in the face of higher costs for managing the property, for example, you will need a highly trained team of collaborators and a service that meets the expectations of a clientele accustomed to having the best, you have a margin higher earnings without having to increase the number of annual bookings. In addition, thanks to the media visibility often enjoyed by this type of guest, you will also be able to see the visibility of your property grow through social media, magazines, and TV programs. In short, renting luxury houses and apartments is very advantageous and New build luxury apartments London. Therefore, read on and discover our 9 tips on how to rent luxury homes .

How to rent luxury homes

Before seeing the tips on how to market luxury homes , it is essential to make a premise.If you decide to rent your villa or apartment to a luxury clientele, you won’t be able to turn to other segments of the market. In fact, it is clear that when your villa is also rented to other targets, it will lose its attractiveness for that luxury.Luxury homes for rent must have a level of comfort, quality and price which is not accessible to everyone and which makes them exclusive and desirable.Usually, luxury homes for rent are larger than standard apartments, even high-end ones. We are talking about 150/200 m2 against the 75/100 m2 of an average apartment. They are equipped with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, the design is studied in every detail, they are independent, guarantee greater privacy, security and offer high-end personalized services.


Now let’s see our advice.

Make your home exclusive

As already mentioned, exclusivity is an essential feature of any luxury property. Your target audience includes those travelers who seek uniqueness, something not available to the other 95% of the population.This is the same characteristic possessed by cars, jewels, luxury clothes, which companies produce in very limited series or customized only for some customers.

Identify your target

Although the luxury clientele target is a niche in the tourism sector, it too can be further subdivided into even more specific customer segments.

Indeed, this type of clientele may include, for example:

teenagers traveling with friends
middle-aged or elderly people
families with children
It is clear that each of these sub-targets has different needs and therefore expects different services and comforts.

Give the apartment a unique style

You will most likely need a design expert, because to give your home a truly unique style you need to have specific skills, know from whom and where to buy, what’s in fashion, and what can’t be missing. In fact, if you are addressing really wealthy guests who are accustomed to a certain type of environment, it will be very easy for them to perceive the poor quality of furniture, products, fabrics, etc.

Select the right portals

Your luxury home cannot be present on portals such as Airbnb or where traditional apartments are located. This would immediately deprive it of that aura of exclusivity it must have in order to be chosen by a truly select clientele.Therefore, select the right portals among the vertical ones such as: Homes & Villas of the Marriott group, Airbnb Luxe the luxury brand of Airbnb, Dream Exotic Rentals , Boutique Homes , Villas of Distinctions and other similar sites that differ because they are not generalists but address a very specific target.

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Select service providers
Given the type of clientele, it is very likely that you will need to find third-party service providers to address all customer needs. We refer to the cleaning company, which should be daily, to the 24-hour laundry and maintenance service. In addition, your customers may require a cook, babysitter, dog sitter, concierge.

Protect your apartment
Among our advice on how to rent luxury homes, a suggestion dedicated to you cannot be missing, whether you are the owner or you only take care of the management.
Subscribe to a holiday home and tourist rental policy to protect yourself and rent without risk. Furthermore, put away any objects of material and/or emotional value present inside the property, placing them in a space not accessible to guests, in a safe or taking them directly away.

Personalize the living room
We have deliberately left this advice for last, but it is among the most important: to attract a luxury clientele you don’t just have to make your home special. The customer expects much more, they want to have an exclusive and unforgettable 360° experience.Therefore, each stay will have to be personalized. First of all, you have to understand what the customer’s needs are, a family has different needs from those of a couple. Also, you need to find out about his plans: will he host someone, organize events, have specific dietary needs, requests for dogs, cats, etc.

Automate services, such as check-in , allow the customer to request all the internal and external services they need during their holiday and to book travel experiences to do, in addition to those already budgeted for. To do this, you will need a network of suppliers in the area and Dry wall London

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