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How to Prepare for an Evening Desert Safari

Desert Safari in Dubai is the most adventurous place for tourists in Dubai. Dubai’s desert is very vast and tells about the beauty of nature. Deserts are very peaceful and must be visited. So, tourists, if you want to spend time in the Dubai desert, then a desert safari takes you away from the cities and into the far reaches of the desert.

This blog post describes the preparation that you must have to do for your desert safari in Dubai.

What do you need to do before your trip?

The things before your journey to the desert are as follows:

  1. Book your desert safari in time:

First, you need to book your desert safari from the desert safari service provider companies. Make sure to see their reviews before choosing your desert safari. See what packages and facilities they provide you during your stay in the desert.

  1. Get information from your desert safari team:

During your booking, you need to get all the essential information from the desert safari team. This information is very useful for you and provides a guide as to which things to take or not. Before and during your Dubai desert safari, you need to follow these guidelines.

  1. Put your all necessary things in one bag:

Snacks, fruits, nuts, little food, a hat, sunglasses, jackets, sunblock, torchlight, a power bank, a camera, and a mobile phone must be with you during your desert visit. Put all these things in one bag.

  1. What to Wear?

Wear loose and lightweight clothes in the desert. Wear full sleeves and long pants or trousers. Wear flat shoes or sandals on your feet. Flat shoes are the best option. So, that you feel comfortable on your desert safari.

  1. Do not take extra luggage with you:
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Due to excitement, we may take other things and prepare the extra luggage as we do during our trips. But do not do this when you are going to a desert. Take only one piece of luggage, which is a bag that you can easily carry on your shoulder.

  1. Take some Cash with you:

You can have some cash in your pocket. You may find little shops at your campsite to buy things like local decoration pieces, paintings, and others. You can also buy images from photographers present there. This is not mandatory. It’s up to you if you want to buy something, then buy it.

  1. Do not wear expensive jewelry:

You were going to a desert, not to the marriage ceremony or the party. Therefore, do not wear any type of jewelry. If it is lost, you are in big trouble. You need to make your body feel relaxed and comfortable. So, stay simple for the desert safari.

Tips for you during your evening desert safari:

After bag packing and booking, how does a tourist, stay in the desert during their desert safari in the evening?

  1. Drink Water:

Drink water properly. Take your water bottles with you. Do not drink the whole bottle of water at the same time. Drink water at regular intervals. This will keep your body hydrated and cool.

  1. Wear a Jacket if you need one:

In winter, the temperature drops at night. Take a jacket with you. If you need it at night, then wear it.

  1. Take care of your things:
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During your stay in the Dubai desert, take the best care of all your things. Do not be careless. Always put your things back into the bag after using them. So, that you will never be in tension about your things during your tour in the heart of the desert.

  1. Follow the tips that your trip organizer provides you:

Every tourist wants to enjoy their time to the fullest in the Dubai desert. If they follow the tips from their trip organizer, they will never face any type of problem in the desert.

  1. Eat less in the desert:

In the Dubai desert, you must eat less for dinner to avoid any stomach problems. Because you want to enjoy with no worries. That’s why you bring yourself into the desert. You want to enjoy the ride in the dunes. So, if you eat less, then you do not have to worry about your stomach.

  1. Capture every moment:

From your camera, capture every amazing moment and mesmerizing beauty of the Dubai desert. These pictures were the greatest reminder of your desert safari in Dubai. Every tourist must take pictures and share them on their social media profiles. They even sell those images.

Enjoy your time on the Dubai desert safari in the evening:

Dubai’s desert is full of charming views. Every tourist enjoys these beautiful and mind-blowing views. The different sand color, the hard surface of the desert, the wildlife, the views of the night sky, and the sunset views bring inspiration to the soul of every tourist. Different outdoor activities like quad biking, dune bashing, camel riding, and others are also available for you.

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Timing, Cost, and what you get in your evening desert safari:

  1. Timing: From 4 pm to 9 pm.
  1. Cost: The cost depends on the type of package you choose. The average cost is AED 99 for adults in Dubai and so on
  1. What you get: 
  • Camel Riding.
  • Dune Driving.
  • Sunset Photography.
  • Belly dancing.
  • Fireworks show.
  • Tanura show.
  • Henna painting.
  • Enjoy Arabic tea with dates.
  • Quad biking.
  • Delicious traditional food, BBQ, and vegetarian dishes.
  • Sand boarding, and much more.