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How to Hire On Demand developers for Startup

Developers are the hardest to find and keep for a position that is in great demand, with only 1.71% of experienced developers actively hunting for work while unemployed. Startups must go beyond remuneration and traditional ways to hire top engineers if they want to compete in the high-value-added sector with other large tech enterprises.

Here are some tips on how to hire on-demand developers for your firm, from being methodical about choosing the correct tech stack to recruit with care and consideration.

How to Hire On Demand developers for Startup

1. Identify your hiring requirements accurately

Establish a hiring strategy first. Choose the appropriate technology stack for your product after you have these details. It’s critical for a startup to hire developers that are knowledgeable about the tech stack required to create the app. This is the first step in making sure your product satisfies the company’s objectives and raises your chances of selecting competent engineers.

After you’ve figured out the essential features of your product, make a successful recruitment funnel. You can expedite the procedure and smoothly complete the hiring process with its assistance.

2. Decide whether you want an internal or external developer.

Startups have the luxury of hiring in-house developers, contracting out the work to freelancers, or allowing them to work remotely or from the office, depending on their needs.

Even better, if you hire On demand developers on a project basis, you may set a fixed fee for the duration of their contract and pay them that amount. If you’re an early-stage startup looking for greater flexibility, you can hire a specialized crew to assist you with your changing demands. However, outsourcing incurs additional costs that can be avoided by using the appropriate HR software to fully automate the hiring process.

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Hiring an inside development team offers more advantages than disadvantages; you’ll enjoy the advantages of improved coordination and communication as well as ongoing product improvement. Additionally, your internal team has access to more context and experience than you can obtain from outside. Remote developers seem to be a more economical choice for a firm that is just getting off the ground. It all boils down to picking the employment model that best suits the needs of your firm.

3. Establish a budget.

Budgeting is crucial at every stage, especially when choosing your budget for employing engineers, whether you’re a cash-strapped startup or have enough capital backing. Startups can do more when operating on a tight budget and under pressure by being frugal. For instance, you can invest in a software solution that dramatically lowers the cost of recruitment rather than handing over a large portion of your money to recruitment firms. Hiring developers to work remotely from less competitive places will help you cut costs even more.

4. Build a job description.

You need to be aware of the kind of specialist you’re searching for before you start offering positions for developers. The better the search results, the more specific your specifications are. For instance, a front-end developer and a database developer are significantly different.

Create the ideal job description by first identifying the duties, responsibilities, and skill set that your developers must possess. While it takes a long time to create detailed job descriptions, businesses may find it useful to use templates from reputable sources.

5. Find the best developers.

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Without any direction, it might be exhausting to find applicants. At hackathons & developer networking events, you can even meet new people and establish new contacts. The best approach to contact them all without going over budget is to use an applicant tracking system (ATS) like Freshteam, which enables you to post for free to numerous job boards with just one click.

While employment agencies & software development firms can also handle the sourcing for you, doing so might be expensive and they might not always be acting in the startup’s best interest. 

6. Shortlist the right candidates

Traditional techniques of application screening are neither efficient nor cost-effective. You can proactively screen & shortlist the best candidates thanks to modern HR solutions. Since each developer brings a distinctive skill set to the table, the simplest method to narrow the field is to conduct dependability research and screen candidates based on your objectives.

Applications that don’t fit your requirements for the developer’s post are automatically screened by HR software like Freshteam based on abilities, education, and experience in the resumes you receive.

7. Set up interviews – HR & Technical

The standard interview procedure combined with a technical assessment is the best way to locate your ideal candidates. While going it alone can be terrifying, using the appropriate tool will enable you to organize the process and quickly reduce your applicant list.

By automating assessments, scheduling interviews, & facilitating communication between the business owner and team about the interviews and candidate viability, an interview scheduling tool like Freshteam can help you manage the entire process from beginning to end on the same platform. 

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8. Bring on fresh developers

How can you make sure the engineers you’ve hired for your business are informed on how things operate in your office? The way you welcome them into the group, make them feel included, and give them the tools they need to start working comfortably all contribute to the first impression. Your startup will be able to retain the engineers you employ by 82% if you have a well-organized onboarding process with best practices in place.

You may concentrate on creating new relationships and doing the actual work with the aid of employee onboarding software. A program like Freshteam may handle every aspect of onboarding, including the paperwork and communication with the new hire.

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Hiring On Demand developers on your own will take a good chunk of your time, not to mention exhausting at times if it’s not something you are used to doing. 

This includes hundreds of unsuitable applications flooding your inbox, unsolicited emails and messages on Linkedin, hours of interviewing and testing, exhausting salary and benefits negotiations, complicated onboarding process, etc. Seriously, it can get hectic.