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How To Declutter And Clean Your Garage Before Moving

A garage is often one of the least-priority or daunting areas when it comes to cleaning and decluttering before moving. However, taking the time well before your moving date to clean out your garage before the Movers Cambridge arrive can save you a lot of headaches as the big day gets closer.  So how do you go about decluttering and cleaning your garage before moving? Read on for our tips.

Start early

The garage area is probably the area that requires the most time and planning when moving.  The longer you wait to start on this task, the more difficult it can become, given the accumulation of goods over time. To ensure it does not get left until the last minute, start clearing out your garage a few weeks or more beforehand, ensuring it has been thoroughly cleaned out before the movers arrive. Once the garage is organized and cleaned, this is a good area to place boxes from inside the house once they have been packed so they are out of the way inside.

Have boxes and packing materials on hand

Before starting, have plenty of boxes and packing materials on hand. Plastic tots are also a great option for garage items.  If you need to purchase any of these items, do so early on. Click here for professional movers and packing supplies. Here is a list of packing materials to have on hand:

– A variety of sized boxes

– Plastic tots

– Bubble wrap

– Packing peanuts

– Stretch wrap for furniture items

– Labels and markers to label boxes

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– Tape to seal boxes shut

Organize your space

Before you start packing, take the time to organize your garage. To begin, remove everything from the garage’s walls, shelves and floor. Place items on the driveway or in another area near your house where they can be sorted through. Sort them into categories such as tools, sports equipment, garden supplies etc. Once they have been sorted, decide which items you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. It is always best to get rid of the items you don’t need anymore quickly to free up room and not get overwhelmed by all the junk. Donate, sell or throw away items that you do not need. You also can hire a junk removal company to help you with this task.

Once all of the items are out of the garage, sweep and mop the floors. This will make it easier to work. It also helps create a clean environment when clearing out any unwanted items. 

Clean, sweep and mop the floors

Once you have decided what items will go with you and which should be sorted for donation or disposal, it’s time to start the cleaning process. Make sure to sweep and mop the floors and dust all surfaces in your garage – this will make the entire moving experience easier for everyone. When all surfaces are free of dirt and dust, you can apply a fresh coat of paint if necessary. This will help create an orderly, organized space when the movers arrive.

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Label all the boxes clearly with their contents

Labelling the boxes when you move house is an incredibly important part of the process that shouldn’t be overlooked! Not only will it make it easier for your Movers London to unload them into the right rooms when they arrive, but it will also eliminate any guesswork for you too. By taking time to label each and every box with a clear list of its contents, as well as the room, you’ll be saving yourself both time and energy down the line when you start unpacking.

Packing hazardous materials

Before packing hazardous materials such as gasoline, oil, etc., talk to your mover about what they can and can not move. Here is a quick list of what generally the movers will not move.

  • Gasoline
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches
  • Propane cylinders
  • Nail polish remover
  • Paints and paint thinners
  • Fireworks

If you need to move these items, the movers will advise you to move them in your own vehicle. To minimise the risk of spills and/or exposures, hazardous items must be transported in sealed containers and placed in secondary containment. The secondary containers must be leak-proof and can hold the parent container’s complete contents, plus 10%.

In conclusion,  cleaning and organizing your garage before moving requires some planning and preparation. Be sure to start early, have the right packing materials on hand, sort through all items and decide what to keep and throw away, clean all surfaces and label boxes clearly with their contents. You should also talk to your movers about what hazardous materials they can move. Following these steps will help make the process go as smoothly as possible. And if you are looking for a trusted and reliable local mover in your area.

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