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How to buy lottery tickets | From the basic “serial numbers”

 A lottery that has the potential to become a millionaire with a large winning. However, there are various types of lottery tickets and ways to buy them. This article will introduce how to buy lottery tickets, how to increase your odds of winning, and how to buy lottery tickets for each type.

Choosing from many lotteries

The regular lottery is a lottery in which groups and numbers are decided in advance. Known as the “Year-end Jumbo Lottery” or “Summer Jumbo Lottery.” You can purchase one at a public lottery office or official public lottery website for 200 to 300 INR. And the winning amount ranges from 300 INR to hundreds of millions of INR.

There are three types of lottery: jumbo lottery, regular national lottery. And block lottery depending on the sales amount and area. It’s a simple lottery ticket that you buy and waits for the winning results. So it’s recommended for beginners.

[Guide to buying lottery tickets] Ordinary lottery “serial numbers” and “roses.”

Regular tickets, such as JIO KBC champ list 2023, can be purchased with one key. Still, there is also a “serial number” ticket that allows you to buy ten tickets in a row and a “rose” ticket that will enable you to purchase a set of 10 keys with different numbers. Let’s take a look at serial numbers and roses.

“Serial numbers” that may sweep the first prize and the previous and next prizes

“Serial numbers” is a method of purchasing tickets in units of 10 consecutive numbers. Set the exact number up to the fifth digit from the top of the group and number, and align the last digit with “0 to 9”. For example, you can purchase 123450 to 123459 with all ten sheets set as “01 sets”.

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JIO Lottery Head Office Number 2023 tickets are 300 INR each, so the purchase price for consecutive numbers is 3,000 INR. Since the group is bought together, there is a possibility of winning both the 1st and 1st prizes before and after, and you can aim for a high distinction.

The probability of winning is higher than consecutive numbers! “rose.”

“Rose” is a way to purchase tickets in units of 10 tickets by aligning the last digit of non-consecutive numbers with “0 to 9”. Since you buy various numbers, the chances of winning are higher than with consecutive numbers, and you can feel the thrill of winning announcements.

However, you cannot aim for the 1st prize winning number and the “same group number” with a “1 difference at the end”.

[Instructions on how to buy lottery tickets] A big win…?

There are various ways to buy tickets besides serial numbers and roses. As a way to buy tickets for advanced players, we will introduce something relatively easy to challenge.

A good combination of serial numbers and roses, “vertical roses (3 consecutive roses).”

“Vertical roses (3 consecutive roses)” is a purchase method in which three sets of 10 pieces are purchased separately. And the numbers for each stage are consecutive. Since it has individual and serial numbers characteristics. It tends to have a higher winning probability than purchasing only with serial numbers. There is also a possibility of winning the 1st and anteroposterior prizes.

Winning guarantee of 6,000 INR with the purchase of 100 pieces of “special rose (lucky rose).”

“Special roses (lucky roses)” are purchased in units of 100. You can buy “one for each group from 01 to 100” and “one for each lower two-digit number from 00 to 99”. . All tickets with a different number of groups and numbers are included, so you can enjoy checking the winnings carefully.

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One 3,000 INR 6th prize and 10 300 INR 7th prizes, totaling 6,000 INR, are guaranteed to be won, so it is recommended for those who want to feel the thrill of whether or not they will win a big prize while surely winning. How to buy