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How do I find out my D4 medical results?

We all know that when someone suffers from diabetes, they have to get blood tests regularly. These tests are called CDT tests or DFT tests. The DVLA will take your blood sample after you have been given the correct instructions. You need to have these instructions in order to make a subject access request in writing.

Subject Access Request Form

Make sure you fill out all the boxes as shown above. Once you have done that, send the form back to the DVLA at the address given. It can take several weeks for D4 Medical them to tell you if they received the form. If the DVLA didn’t receive your form within a few weeks, call them up to check if the form has arrived. You can also ask your GP to send your DFT results to the DVLA.

How Do I Check My DFT Results?

You can check your DFT results online. You can visit This site will allow you to enter your unique number and get a list of the details of your DFT results. All you have to do is follow the instructions and enter your number. The DVLA will be able to give you the results of your blood test. You can also check your DFT results by phone.

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