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Heavy Toll on The Industry of Gwadar Fishermen

About 1.5 million people in Pakistan depend on the fishing industry for their livelihood of Gwadar Fishermen. Pakistan has about 1,100 km of coastline. populated by fishermen who live in small ghettos. with towns large and small along the coast. Balochistan retains most of its 750 km of coastline. while the rest of the coastal region lies in Sindh. where fishing is an important industry.  This industry represents a huge amount of revenue for the state treasury.

Fishing methods:

For decades, poor fishing practices. such as the use of small, narrow nets and the discarding of small fish known as “garbage fish. have taken a heavy toll on the industry of Gwadar Fishermen. Adopting such methods, expensive fish becomes rubbish. For the past five years, EUROP has stopped fish exports. This is due to the lack of experience to stop the trend of “trash fishing. and the inappropriate methods used in fishing.  Fisheries experts believe that the fishing methods. used in Pakistan are responsible for 60% of the “trash catch”In 1972, during the government of Sardar Atullah Mingal. fishing launches ignored the established rules.

Fished illegally:

That allowed fishing within 12 nautical miles from the sea. This is also a concern because space launches have crossed. the ocean and fished illegally close to shore within 5.6 nautical miles. Most hunters have perfectly legitimate concerns. Most of the fishermen are poor and poorly paid. In the event of storms or bad weather, fishermen could not go fishing and remain in debt. Apart from the unpredictable weather. 

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Fish storage facilities:

The lack of refrigerated fish storage facilities at the ports of Gwadar, Pasni, Ulmara. and the dam compounds the fears of the fishermen. Due to the lack of refrigeration and packaging facilities. it takes longer for the fish to reach the market, and the fish becomes stale, forcing the fishermen to sell it cheap. In addition, anglers faced the problem of not having standard fishing gear. Poaching is also an obstacle for poachers. Illegal ships have appeared from Sindh and indulge in illegal fishing. Agents on these boats stationed at the ports of Gwadar.

The management’s established:

Pasni, Ulmara and the Dam, acting as pointers to avoid possible arrest risks. and reporting by radio on intended actions against the boat owners. However, if these boats or launches found to be illegally terminated. they will confiscated and the fish caught will sold at a discount. There are no laws to punish these illegal hunting practices. Materials available for such boats. and launches will auctioned off. But the auction also shows the management’s already established. monopoly over the agents and owners of these boats. In fact, due to Baluchistan’s long coastline. Balochistan fisheries are not equipped to reduce illegal fishing within its coastal area.

Small fishing boats:

Fishermen, owners of small fishing boats. and launch boats, often complain. about illegal fishing by boat across the coast of Balochistan. These barges and barges equipped with modern equipment. and fish at illegal distances, causing pain to local fishermen. Why does it seem that the Gwadar parties failed to bring this issue to Parliament? Gwadar nationalist parties have raised. the issue several times, but being a staunch social hunter I didn’t feel like making an issue.

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Local fishermen in Gwadar:

Likewise local fishermen in Gwadar Fishermen seem to concerned. about frequent visits by VIPs after the pass. Due to security risks, you will restricted to your own area during your VIP visit. The fishermen fear. that the fishing port in the eastern Gulf will annexed to the port of Gwadar, their source of livelihood. It feared that the development work related to the pass. and the subsequent visits of VIPs, such as the construction of the Gwadar Highway. will create obstacles for the fishermen in the future.

Poor fishermen:

A container carrying 7.1 tons of fish arrived in China from Gwadar. If businessmen in Gwadar can easily obtain loans. from banks, then fishing companies can be set up in Gwadar as well. in exchange for poverty alleviation. It is time for the government to step up and invest in marine life skills. and education in the unemployed youth to rectify the problem of poor fishermen. in Gwadar and secure jobs for the future. The fishermen fear because they are looking forward to the fishing industry. A Chinese diplomat’s announcement that China would expand. its guano fishery has horrified fishermen in Pakistan’s coastal cities. 

Declining catches:

Who already face poverty due to declining catches. Fishermen in the city of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea fear China’s growing. interest in the Pakistani fishing sector. “We don’t want investment or help from China. if it means their trawlers will gobble up more of our seafood,” said one community in the area. which is being developed as a trading hub. China Pakistan Economic Corridor Center (CPEC). Like Wajo, large numbers of fishermen along Pakistan’s 990-kilometre coastline have crushed. by the devastating effects of unregulated domestic and foreign fishing vessels. that have “killed fish”.

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Chinese investors:

On the eve of 2021, China’s top diplomat shared the country’s plans. to expand domestic fisheries in an interview with a Pakistani newspaper. Consul General Li Beijian said, “You [Pakistan] have abundant resources in terms of fisheries. Chinese investors are very interested in investing in Pakistan’s fisheries sector.” Talking about bigger boats and modern fishing equipment for Gwadar Gwadar Security. he said there was an urgent need to build a processing plant. We need to increase our fishing capacity. he said, adding that locals have to go into deeper waters to fish because “fishing is not profitable” on the coast.