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Guide to Bhandardara camping 

 It is known for its serene lakes, waterfalls, and lush green forests, making it a popular destination for camping and trekking. Here is a guide to help you plan your camping trip to Bhandardara:

Best time to visit:

 The winter months are the best time to visit Bhandardara. This time of year offers the best opportunities to see nature. Winter is heavenly, with a misty tiara developing over the head, playing with the tips of tall trees, a constant temperature of comfort, and brisk winds sweeping through the air. Those who choose to camp during the monsoon season will be able to fully enjoy the nearby waterfalls. The falls are most flowing and full at this time. As a result, June through March are the best months to try camping in Bhandardara. Depending on the season you choose to embark on this great excursion, make sure you have everything you need with you.


There are several campsites in Bhandardara that offer a variety of camping options, such as tent camping, RV camping, and glamping. Some popular campsites include:

•Umbrella Falls:

 This campsite is located near the famous Umbrella Falls and offers beautiful views of the surrounding hills.

•Wilson Dam:

 This campsite is located near the Wilson Dam and offers a serene atmosphere for camping.

•Randha Waterfall:

 This campsite is located near the Randha Waterfall and offers a picturesque setting for camping.


Bhandardara offers a wide range of activities for campers, such as:


There are several trekking trails in Bhandardara that offer beautiful views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

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Bhandardara is home to several lakes, such as Arthur Lake, which offer a great opportunity for fishing.


Arthur Lake and Pravara River offers boating options to explore the surroundings.

•Rock climbing: 

For adventure enthusiasts, there are several rock climbing options available in Bhandardara.

How to reach:

 Bhandardara can be reached by road, train or by air. The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai which is about 180 km away. The nearest railway station is Igatpuri, which is about 45 km away. Buses and taxis are also available from Igatpuri to Bhandardara.


There are several accommodation options available in Bhandardara, such as hotels, resorts, and homestays. Some popular options include:

MTDC Resort Bhandardara: This is a government-run resort that offers comfortable rooms and a variety of outdoor activities.

Hotel Ratnagiri: This is a budget-friendly hotel that offers comfortable rooms and great views of the surrounding hills.

Bhandardara Agro Tourism: This homestay offers a unique rural experience and is surrounded by lush green forests.

Permits: There are no specific permits required for camping in Bhandardara. However, it is always a good idea to inform the local authorities of your camping plans, so they can assist you in case of an emergency.

Camping Route For Bhandardara

For camping, you can make a schedule according to the locations, but for one particular location, one night of camping is sufficient. In Bhandardara, self-camping is another option. Additionally, camping in Bhandardara can be reasonably priced to provide this experience. This schedule is for a one-night camping trip.

Day 1

•To begin the experience, you need arrive by yourself at the Bhandardara campground by five o’clock in the evening and take advantage of the bonfire.

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•After receiving your campsites, you can have some free time by exploring the area around the Bhandardara Lake campground that is covered in trees.

•Return to the Bhandardara campgrounds to enjoy the campfire story-telling, song-singing, and dancing session.

This will be followed by a delectable dinner.

Camps are used overnight.

Day 2

•Get ready for the day by waking up to the lake’s elevated perspective and rising early.

•The following morning after breakfast, you will disassemble with the camps to end your time spent in the great outdoors at Bhandardara.

In conclusion,

 Bhandardara is a great destination for camping, trekking and other outdoor activities, with its serene lakes, waterfalls and lush green forests. It’s best to visit between October to May, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities. There are several campsites, activities, and accommodation options available in Bhandardara. It can be reached by road, train or by air and there are no specific permits required for camping, but