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Flooring: an Important Aspect of Interior Designing

The type of flooring plays a huge role in creating the first impression about a room as it is usually the first thing that grabs the attention of an individual when they enter. Flooring works as a foundation for the overall design and can make or break the entire flow of a space.

Wood flooring is one of the most used forms of flooring as it not only gives a space an aesthetic look and feel but also is extremely durable in nature. Even though the initial cost of doing this type of flooring is higher in comparison to others, its long lasting quality makes it cost effective in the longer run.

There are many places that make good quality wooden flooring in Glasgow mending all the designing needs of an individual. While designing a space there are many types of flooring like real wood flooring, parquet flooring, spc vinyl flooring, and laminate flooring that an individual or designer can consider.

Different types of wood flooring

The different types of flooring that can be considered while designing a space are

  • Real wood flooring – Real wood flooring is the type of flooring where the flooring material is directly manufactured from the timber which is then properly processed and designed for aesthetic use. This is the most common and opted flooring as these are easy to clean and require low maintenance. It is a cost effective option for flooring as it is durable and lasts for a very long period of time if they are maintained properly. This type of wooden flooring is highly versatile which makes them suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial spaces, making it a good fit for everyone.
  • Parquet flooring – Parquet flooring has been in the list of famous flooring options since the 17th century, with it first being used in France. This type of flooring is made by arranging small pieces of wood in a distinct and geometric pattern. It is easy to maintain as it can be easily cleaned with the use of vacuum cleaner or just a simple damp mop. One of the best features of wood flooring in Glasgow is that they can be easily deep cleaned with the use of some detergent and water. This type of flooring is affordable and durable yet aesthetically pleasing and gives a very polished look to the space.
  • Spc vinyl flooring – Spc vinyl flooring is a luxurious flooring option in advanced technology that is used to engineer planks with unparalleled durability. This type of flooring material has four layers like a top wear layer, a printed vinyl layer, a rigid core, and a final backing layer. The name “SPC” stands for stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite. There is an  ever-increasing popularity for vinyl floors, due to several factors like affordable, visually pleasing, standing tough messes, and is easy to clean or maintain. However, homeowners around the globe prefer this flooring option mainly because it’s an ideal flooring solution for families having active kids and enthusiastic pets. Its highly durable and versatile nature combined with authentic designs and alluring styles makes it an ultimate choice for all homes.
  • Laminate flooring – Laminate flooring is a synthetic laminate floor covering that is designed to look like a real wood flooring. This type of flooring has been a cheaper alternative to real wood flooring and has been a popular choice by diy fanatics for a long time.Laminate flooring is scratch proof and requires low maintenance, this makes it a good cheaper alternative. It is suitable for all spaces that may be residential or commercial and can enhance the appeal of all types of surfaces.
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How to plan the interior design of a room based on its flooring?

While designing a space it is extremely important for an individual or designer to understand that not all kinds of decor goes with every flooring. White and earthy tones look great with dark wood floors but even then it should be kept in mind that overdoing it may kill the entire aesthetic. Given on the type of the wooden floor it can be both used to give a rustic feel and a classy royal feel. If a person is looking to design a room with a copper bath then they should use light toned or honey toned laminate flooring. The copper colour of the bath will work well with the light wood colour, complementing one another. 

Key takeaways The correct choice of flooring plays a huge role in deciding the whole look and feel of a space. An individual should keep the different types of wooden floor and their styling ways in mind while planning a room. There are many places that make good quality wooden flooring in Glasgow at an attainable price point.