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family tree maker 2019

family tree maker 2019

Family Tree Maker 2019 is a geological program that allows you to create a family tree. Mackiev owns the FTM 2019 program, which is an update of the previous version. Ancestry was the first to develop the family tree maker program, and in 2016, Ancestry sold the product’s copyright to Mackiev.

The fact that Family Tree Maker 2021 comes with a large range of tools and features, as well as simple navigation and web search capabilities, helps it stand out among other genealogical software.

Family Tree Maker is a genealogy software that allows users to create and edit their family trees and genealogy research. The software provides tools for organizing and visualizing family history data, such as information about ancestors, descendants, relationships, and important events.

Some of the key features of Family Tree Maker include:

1.     Easy to use interface: The family tree maker 2019 software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and input data.

2.     Import/Export: Users can import data from other genealogy programs and export data in a variety of formats, such as GEDCOM or PDF.

3.     Interactive Tree View: Users can view their family tree in a dynamic, interactive format that allows them to easily explore relationships and connections.

4.     Historical Record Integration: Family Tree Maker integrates with, providing users with access to millions of historical records, such as census data, birth, death, and marriage records, immigration records, and more.

5.     Media Management: Users can add photos, videos, audio recordings, and other media to their family tree to create a rich multimedia experience.

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6.     Sharing and Collaboration: Family Tree Maker allows users to share their family tree with others and collaborate on genealogy research.

Overall, Family Tree Maker is a powerful tool for genealogy enthusiasts and professional researchers. Its integration with, easy-to-use interface, and rich features make it a popular choice for those interested in exploring their family history.

family tree maker 2019 features

Family Tree Maker windows 10 was the latest version of the genealogy software before the product was discontinued. The features of Family Tree Maker 2019 include:

1.     Improved User Experience: The software had a refreshed user interface and improved navigation to make it easier to use.

2.     Enhanced Tree View: The tree view was improved with the ability to zoom in and out, pan around the tree, and see more information at a glance.

3.     Ancestry Hints Integration: Family Tree Maker 2019 integrated with to provide users with automatic hints and suggestions for adding new information to their family tree.

4.     FamilySync: FamilyTree Maker 2019 had a new feature called FamilySync that allowed users to keep their family tree in sync with their online tree.

5.     Media Management: Users could add photos, videos, audio recordings, and other media to their family tree, and the software provided tools for organizing and categorizing media.

6.     Collaboration: Family Tree Maker 2019 allowed users to share their family tree with others and collaborate on genealogy research.

7.     Print and Share: The software provided tools for printing family trees, charts, and reports, as well as the ability to share family trees and research online.

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Overall, Family Tree Maker 2019 was a comprehensive genealogy software that provided users with a wealth of features and tools for exploring and documenting their family history.