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Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money Earn 2023

Offline Earning Ideas

1. Writing a book: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

This method is suitable for experts in their field or those who have coped with a difficult life situation, or maybe they just know how to write stories. Sometimes a book is written by bloggers with a large audience. There are two ways to publish a manuscript: through a publisher or on your own.

If you work with a publishing house, they print, promote, and sell the book. The author receives a percentage of sales. In Ukraine, royalties are 10–15% of paper sales and 20% of electronic sales. If the royalty is 10%, for the sale of 500 books for 100 UAH, you can earn 5 thousand UAH.

If you publish on your own, you pay for the print run, and promote and sell the book yourself. This path is more difficult and suitable for experienced authors with strong personal brands. But there is more income. Gameday777 – A Game-Changer in the Online Gaming Industry

2. Start an advertising agency: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Every product needs advertising – in this area, you can make good money. For example, offer website promotion, contextual advertising, or advertising on social networks, but you must be good at this.

There is also outdoor and street advertising. If for the first one you need to purchase expensive equipment, negotiate with the city authorities, then for the second one you can organize promoters to distribute leaflets.

Alla Klimenko, a psychologist and founder of the Upgrade course, earned $20,000 in her fifth year. She had her advertising agency. Before that, she worked as a marketer in a publishing house, and at school, she worked as a promoter, so she knew the processes from the inside. The employees in the company were her classmates. Alla recalls: that up to 500 people worked at some events, and she led them.

Buy a ready-made franchisee of the best ways to make money is to buy a franchise of a famous brand. The franchisor (brand owner. – Ed.) allows the use of his trademark and helps with the purchase of equipment, materials, staff training, and so on. The franchisee receives a ready-made profitable business model. For this, he pays a lump-sum fee and royalties.

There are companies in Ukraine where there is no lump-sum fee. These are Good Beer, Nova Poshta, Hobby Games, and others. You need to find a place and pay other expenses: purchase of equipment, hiring employees, and so on. The payback period for these companies is different.

3. Rent out an apartment: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Dmitry Tomchuk, a founder of the investment fund Fison, believes that it is a mistake to think that renting out real estate brings passive income. Everything you rent requires control, money, and repairs.

Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2022

Yulia Kirilyuk, general director at Althaus, says it’s possible to rent apartments profitably. For the tenants to be satisfied, the homeowner needs to think through everything to the smallest detail:

Provide additional services, such as cleaning, parking space, and so on. Make professional repairs with functional design and quality materials. This will help keep the apartment in the premium price segment. Offer transparent terms of cooperation. Renting a one-room apartment with a fresh renovation and appliances in a residential area costs 7 thousand of UAH. The same apartment near the metro can cost from 9 thousand UAH. Prices are higher in the premium segment.

4. Private counseling: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

If you are good at something, you can start consulting. Many choose to pay money to a person with experience that will save them from mistakes, rather than spend time learning on their own. Konstantin Kvint, a consultant in the selection of IT solutions for business, believes: you can be a full-time or independent consultant.

In the first case, you can work in an online store, and talk about the characteristics of the product. They pay $150-600 per month for this. In the second case, you can search for clients on your own and advise them in marketing, selection of training programs abroad, and so on. In the beginning, you can get $2-10 per consultation and you will have few clients. But if you start developing a personal brand, you will earn much more.

5. Holding events: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

To hold an event, you need to come up with a theme, find a place, and invite people. You can also organize weddings, conferences, and other events to order. The scope can be from 10 people to several thousand.

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Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2022

Alena Gudkova, the founder of the Courage charity flea market, came up with the idea to hold events spontaneously. Over time, she found a way to monetize them and turned them into a commercial projects. She donates part of her profits to charity. Over the five years of Courage’s work, Alena’s team has collected more than UAH 27 million.

Online earning ideas

1. Create a website: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Albert Valiakhmetov, head of the MarketValley IT agency, believes that a popular site with quality content can generate good income. He offers such ways how to make money on the site:

Partnership programs. You place links to partner sites and get a percentage for a certain user action: registration, purchase, subscription, and so on.

Google Adsense. You register on the contextual advertising service, and advertisements appear on the site. You get paid for actions or impressions.

Sponsored content. Companies pay for reviews or material about them. The cost of advertising is determined by the site’s popularity and the number of users.

Sale of advertising space. It requires a lot of effort, but the pay here is also more.

Paid placement of third-party articles. A young resource can charge from $1 per article, while popular sites charge $70-150.

2. Create a niche media publication: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Andrey Kryvulko, editor-in-chief of the Konotop.City online magazine created an independent media. When he lost funding, in the first month his resource earned 28 thousand UAH. Here’s what his team earned:

Conducted turnkey competitions. They found sponsors with good gifts, and users voted and promoted the page themselves.

They did special projects. The Konotop.The city publicity manager went to the local gym to get ready for the summer. This process was shown on the website and social networks. The gym became a sponsor of the special project and then turned into a permanent partner.

Compiled local ratings. A competition like “Person of the Year” was gaining momentum and was well known, then sponsors came.

Now media earns up to 50 thousand UAH per month.

3. Promotion of your account in social networks: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

A blogger publishes and promotes content on his page on a social network to earn money. The greater its reach and engagement of subscribers, the more the blogger charges for advertising.

If a blogger has up to 100,000 followers on social media, he is considered a micro-influencer. If from 100 thousand to 1 million – a macro influencer, and if from 1 million, then a millionaire. Brands partner with everyone:

Micro-influencers are more likely to trust advertising from micro-influencers.

Macro-influencers and millionaires are more likely to become brand ambassadors.

If you want to promote a page on social networks, choose your blog topic and the platform where your target audience is. Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, according to Next Freelancer. It has over 2.7 billion active users. TikTok is ranked seventh, with Instagram in fifth place.

Tanya Prentkovich, one of the most popular Ukrainian bloggers with an audience of 1.3 million subscribers, charges UAH 35,000 for advertising on Instagram stories.

4. YouTube account management: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2022

According to Next Freelancer, YouTube has over 2.2 billion monthly users. Every Ukrainian watches 55 minutes of YouTube content per day. Here’s how much the most popular YouTube vloggers earn and how they do it:

10-year-old Ryan Kaji made almost $30 million in 2020. His channel has 41 million subscribers. He reviews toys and conducts scientific experiments. He earns by selling licenses for branding goods under his trademark Ryan’s World.

Jimmy Donaldson, the creator of Mr. Beast, has 47 million subscribers. He publishes funny videos with different tricks and sells his merch (products with brand symbols. – Approx. ed.). He made $24 million last year.

Rhett and Link, 40, got their start in 2012 with Good Mythic Morning. Now they own Mythical Entertainment, they have 2 billion views, and they make money from advertising.

YouTube also pays for every thousand views of the video.

5. Moderation of Internet communities: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Konstantin Kvint believes that the profession of a moderator of Internet communities can be mastered within a week. You can maintain pages on social networks, and be the administrator of groups in instant messengers or forums. The topics are different: from sports to teaching.

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Usually, groups have rules, for example, you can’t insult people, make advertisements, and so on. The moderator makes sure that these rules are not violated. For such work, they pay $50-200 per month or offer bonuses and discounts on the products of the owner of the resource.

If that’s too easy, you can run brand pages on social media. To accomplish so, you’ll need to learn about the platform’s features, identify your target audience, create a content strategy, produce posts, and so on. The more you know, the more money you’ll be able to make. In Ukraine, an SMM specialist earns an average of UAH 15,000 per year.

6. Teaching: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

The online education business will be worth $350 billion by 2025. Anyone can share their knowledge online – no special education is needed for this. You can teach a foreign language, vocals, marketing, and so on. You can receive payment through any payment system.

Katerina Sheluntsova teaches Russian and English on the Preply platform and earns $15 an hour. She has 13 students, for them she conducts 60 lessons per month. The same amount of time is spent preparing the material.

Yulia Trofimova teaches vocals. Her students live abroad. She earns $35 an hour.

7. Work as a virtual assistant: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

A virtual assistant is an independent administrative assistant who works remotely. He can do all kinds of work: create reports, do web design, edit podcasts, help manage social networks, and so on. This profession is not yet developed in Ukraine, but if you know English, you can work with foreigners. Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian businessman, politician, and author, says a virtual assistant is a great start to an online career.

8. Copywriting: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

If you can clearly express your thoughts and are creative and competent enough, then you can write texts for websites, social networks, and media. The average salary of a copywriter in Ukraine is 13 thousand UAH, and in Kyiv – 15 thousand UAH. If you know English well, you can write texts in it – you will earn more.

Co-founder of the marketing agency Syntropy Dmitry Semenov believes that a good copywriter should know the target audience and its values. This will help to find the right words and build trust in the brand. He must also understand marketing, and psychology, be able to resolve conflicts and know the popular formulas of advertising texts.

9. Sale of goods: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Garik Korogodsky, co-owner of the Dream Town shopping and entertainment center, the Aquarium fitness center, the Zhiznelyub charity fund, and the CEO of Vita Veritas, earned his first serious money by reselling computers. Before that, he sold chewing gum and jeans. He talks about this in his book “How to spend a million that is not, and other stories of a Jewish boy.”

Selling goods has become easier thanks to the Internet. Grigory Karas, co-owner of several online stores, believes that the dropshipping model is suitable for beginners (when you are an intermediary of a manufacturer and buy a product only when your client has paid for it). This requires minimal investment, and you make a profit on the difference in prices for which you buy and sell.

On the first day, Gregory earned $700 and spent $50 on promotion. The cost price of the goods was $8, and he sold them for $28.

Mark Hayes, Chief Communications Officer at Shopify and author of The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping, says the best place to start is with clothing, art, and handicrafts. There is always a demand for them. Yoga mats, fitness bands, disinfectants, men’s grooming products, water bottles, and other products are still popular.

10. Selling photos and drawings: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

This way of earning is suitable for photographers and designers. If you have a photo stock or are ready to take pictures, you can post your work on photo stock, for example, on Shutterstock. If you create graphics, fonts, and 3D designs, you can upload them to Creative Market and other platforms.

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Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2022

Konstantin Kvint believes: you should not expect that your work will immediately be bought – there is a lot of competition in the services. The platforms also have requirements for the quality of content For each work sold at the initial stage, you will receive up to $0.5.

11. Earnings on traffic: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Traffic is the number of users on the site. People who make money on this are called arbitrageurs. The scheme works like this: the customer sells the product and pays money for advertising. The task of the arbitrator is to find people who will be interested in the client’s product, set up advertising for them, and pay for it with the customer’s money. The amount he has left is his earnings. Usually, advertising is done on Google, bloggers, YouTube channels, or apps.

Dmitry Volkonsky, an author of the book “Traffic Business” and founder of the Trionika IT company, believes that webmasters can earn from $5,000 to $50,000 on traffic. Most often, this type of income is chosen by people from IT, marketing, and advertising. Dmitry Golopolosov, an experienced arbitrator, recommends starting with the products offered by the affiliate network. According to him, this job is suitable for those who can work with numbers.

Alexander Nedavnykh, head of the PDL-profit CPA affiliate network, believes that in this work, knowing the tools is not enough, you need creativity. When he tried new approaches, the result was much better. Also, arbitrageurs should have an entrepreneurial streak. For beginners, he recommends studying traffic arbitrage for the first weeks and deciding on a niche. Among new niches, health products, fitness diets, and others are now popular.

12. Create mobile applications: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

Denis Zhadanov, vice president of marketing at Readdle, recalls that the idea to create an application came suddenly. His team received the first iPhone and realized that they couldn’t read books on it. Then they decided to create such a service on their own.

This service did not bring money, but the team understood which way to move. Their second app, Scanner Pro, is in the top 5 paid business apps on the App Store.

13. Cryptocurrency Trading: Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2023

You can sell cryptocurrency through an exchange or chatbots. If you are a beginner, it is better to start with a practice account. So you will get acquainted with the exchange and tools. It is also important to read literature, listen to lectures and take trading courses. Then you can move on to small amounts and survive the first real losses. So you will understand if you are stress-resistant enough to trade.

Easy Way To Make Money | Quick Money  Earn 2022

Timur Vorona, co-owner, and editor-in-chief of, and author of books, tried to sell cryptocurrency through a Telegram bot. He believes that this way you can earn 1-5 thousand hryvnia per day.

Important! Trading is an option to make money with very high risks. Do not invest large amounts in cryptocurrencies if you have not figured out how to trade correctly.


To make money, as a rule, you need investments. It could be money, time, or experience. It is best to go to the area where there is experience. If you want to make a lot of money quickly, choose arbitrage traffic, sell cryptocurrency, or drop ship. But even here you need to spend time to understand the nuances. And if you want to invest money and make a profit over several years, consider investing in wine.

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