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CRM-system, what is it – a complete guide for beginners

What is a CRM system ? How to choose the right one and launch it into the work of the sales department? Here you will find answers to basic questions related to CRM. What are the capabilities of modern CRM, which system to choose, how to implement a CRM system without gross errors. Here are examples of how CRM works in a real business for any company.

concept of CRM system

CRM-system  (abbreviation from English. crm services for small business , simple transcription into Russian, customer relationship management. This is software designed to automate strategies for interacting with customers (clients).

In particular, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing information about customers and the history of relationships with them. Establishment and improvement of crm mobile app development processes and subsequent analysis of the results. It sounds vague, perfex crm features systems – what is it in simple words?

CRM is a program for the sales department that allows you to:

  • organize and regulate the work of your managers,
  • control their work
  • automate the transaction process with the client,
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive processes
  • control communication between managers and clients,
  • analyze the level of involvement in the work of your employees,
  • analyze the level of customer loyalty to your company,
  • maintain a customer base and collect a history of interaction with them,
  • not lose a single client who has shown interest in your company.

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If at least some of the items on the list are relevant to you, then you cannot do without a CRM system. Now CRM is the minimum without which it is impossible for a company to remain competitive.

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All market leaders, without exception, use CRM systems in their sales! However, CRM is not a magic pill. If you do not have a decent “product”, then no program will help increase the company’s sales.

As a rule, CRM systems are cloud-based online services that are provided on a subscription basis. You register in the CRM system, get a single account with all the features and sales tools. After setting up CRM, your employees/managers are added to your account. You pay the rate that suits you and enjoy the work. You can work in perfex crm email integration at any time and from any place where there is an Internet connection.

CRM systems help sales departments by telling managers what to do: respond to a new request, call a client, plan the next action on a deal. Robot programs themselves send letters and SMS to customers when the application is in the desired status, automatically launch ads, and much more.

CRM allows you not to lose requests from new customers, systematize the work of managers and control it, find points for optimization and further growth of the company.

CRM system standardizes and automates the processes in the sales department.

You can talk a lot about how great it would be to automate and increase sales, and manage a company while drinking cocktails on tropical islands.