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Concrete Surface Hardener – An Amazing Sealer To Increase Your Floor’s Lifetime

Concrete itself is a hard material. That is why most construction work is done with concrete material. But, not every project requires the same strength of the building. For example, the industries where heavy products are manufactured or the parking lots that need to bear heavy footfall and cars’ load must be strong enough. Therefore, concrete surface hardeners are used in these places after the main concrete work is done. You can also use this product for your house floors.

Concrete surface hardener is used to add up strength to the concrete surface. But, overall, this product also provides many other surface advantages. It is quite preferable among construction workers. So, if you are about to start a construction project, be it an office, industrial building, or a house, if you need a strong, long-lasting floor, consider using this material.Here are all you need to know about concrete surface hardener-

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What Is A Concrete Surface Hardener?

Concrete hardener is a chemical permanently coated on a concrete floor, making the surface thick, stronger, and wear-resistant. It is transparent and applied as a sealer on the concrete surface. After application, the floor is treated with a grinder or scrapper to make the surface smooth and glossy.

Recommended Areas To Use Concrete Hardener

Concrete surface hardener has a versatile use. The main purpose of applying it is to harden the concrete floor. So you can guess where it is best to use. Here are some examples of recommended places where you can add this chemical.

High traffic zones such as parking lot

  • Industries or manufacturing units where heavy products are made
  • Factories or wirehouses that bear a lot of weight
  • On roads, railway stations, airports, and bus stands
  • Garages or mechanics’ shops with a heavy car load
  • Floors are made with weak materials such as cement screed, Walnut Zeorich-based fresh screed, PCC, and Tremix.
  • Institutions that bear everyday heavy footfall
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Advantages Of Using Concrete Surface Hardener

Here are some of the most vital advantages you get after applying a concrete surface hardener on the floor.

Improves durability

The most vital advantage that concrete hardeners provide is strength to the floor. It is made to serve that purpose, and it is called a hardener for their property to harden the surface. Applying this material makes the floor thick and strong and can tolerate more wear and tears than before. Therefore, the durability of the floor increases.

Rust resistant

This material is rust-resistant. That means it is waterproof, and the floor doesn’t create rust in contact with water. Rust reduces the floor’s durability, and the concrete hardliner prevents this. Therefore, you can also apply this material on the floor of washing places in your house.

Dense surface

After applying concrete harm, the floor surface becomes dense. As a result, oil or grease can’t penetrate the surface. And cleaning them also becomes easy.

Applicable in any temperature

This material is easily applicable anywhere, whether in a colder climatic region or a high-temperature zone.

Highly affordable

You will be happy to know that a very small amount of this material is enough to apply on a large floor. Therefore, it becomes very much affordable.

Enhance curb appeal

Concrete hardener provides a smooth, shiny look to the floor. It also comes in different color options. Therefore, you have a great choice to enhance the curb appeal of your place.

Easy maintenance

This smooth surface is very easy to maintain. Moreover, it is oil and greaseproof, and the floor doesn’t accumulate much dirt for its smooth finish.

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The construction industry is bringing new products into the market to make concrete works much stronger, and a more durable concrete surface hardener is the best thing to serve the purpose as of now. In this article, we have discussed all the key details related to concrete hardener and its application.  Therefore, if you also want your construction project to last for a long time in the same condition, purchase and apply this product after the main construction is complete. Only a professional concreter can guarantee the best application. So, make sure that you hire an experienced and qualified concreter for this work.