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Chopta Trek – Trekking Gem in Uttarakhand


The Chopta Trek in Uttarakhand has come a notorious name in the touring community. Known for its small distance, well- paved trail and satisfying panoramic views of the Garhwal Himalayas are what make this a great journey. Starting from a freshman to a seasoned trekking sucker must surely journey the fairly short Chopta to Chandrashila journey distance of 9 Kilometers. Though there’s no particular Chopta Chandrashila journey stylish time to visit, for newcomers looking for snowy downtime treks it’s a perfect journey. The Chopta Chandrashila downtime trek begins at the base camp in Uttarakhand’s Chopta. The Chopta Chandrashila journey diary includes Tungnath on the way, which is the loftiest- altitude Shiva tabernacle in the world. 

 Complete the Chopta Tungnath journey on way to Chandrashila 

 One of the great benefits of the Chopta Chandrashila journey package is that the package itself is made up of two journeys. During the journey to Chandrashila, you automatically cover the Chopta to Tungnath journey distance of 4 Km, also you go on to climb the rest of the 5 km, from Tungnath to Chandrashila. The Chopta Tungnath weekend vacation package is ideal for those looking for a weekend getaway and offers flights from Delhi, Rishikesh, or Dehradun.. The short journey can be covered in one day, Chopta to Tungnath journey time can take between 4- 6 hours depending on your fitness situations. 

 What’s so unique about the Tungnath Chandrashila Trek? 

 still, the Chopta Chandrashila journey chart goes through the evanescent timber near Chopta, If you notice. As the altitude gain increases, you’re ate with Rhododendron blossoms depending on the season. The terrain also opens up to these inconceivable views of the Garhwal mountain ranges of Uttarakhand. The Tungnath to Chandrashila journey distance of 4 KM takes you to the loftiest residence of Lord Shiva, where the Pandavas erected a tabernacle during their exile in the Himalayas. And, if you’re a seasoned mountaineer try to beat the Tungnath Chandrashila journey stylish time of 3 hours. 


 Why should you journey to Chandrashila from Chopta? 

 First of all, this journey is the finest occasion to hike the Chopta Chandrashila journey from Delhi on a weekend. also, the journey’s basecamp trip takes you through some of the most beautiful decor in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. The real trip starts with the mesmerizing city of Rishikesh as the base camp to Chopta. The stylish time for the Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila journey is all time long, one can essay the journey to Tungnath indeed during thunderstorm season because of the well- paved trail. The journeys remain open all time long and can be considered one of the stylish downtime weekend treks in the Himalayas. 

 Chopta journey diary can be divided into three corridor- 

 Chopta Trek- Chopta is the base camp for the Chopta Chandrashila journey. You can reach Chopta through a participated hack and private hack from Rishikesh. Public transportation is another option from Rishikesh. The Chopta journey distance from Tungnath while descending is quite a steep section of 4 km. The Chopta journey height of 8560 bases above ocean position offers panoramic Himalayan views. 

 Tungnath Trek- The Tungnath journey is quite a notorious journey on its own. The trail end of the Tungnath journey height is,100 bases above ocean position. Tungnath journey km distance of 4 Km is an easy hike section. While the part is steep, it is manageable. There are water points and the tabernacle of Tungnath at the end of the trail. 

 Chandrashila Trek- The Chandrashila journey distance of 5 Km. from Tungnath is the toughest section of the whole journey. In layoffs, the path leading to Tungnath and Chandrashila may be covered in snow. Yet, it’s the most satisfying endpoint of the whole journey. Chandrashila journey height is,110 bases, right above Tungnath. 

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 How To Reach Tungnath Trek 

 The stylish way to reach the Tungnath journey base camp is through Haridwar, and it’s veritably well connected to different locales through air, road, as well as rail. So, the following are some of the stylish transport options to reach Tungnath. 

 By Air 

 Breakouts from Delhi are available for those who want to travel to the touring position. The closest field is the gleeful entitlement field( in Dehradun) located just about 36 km down from Haridwar and about 20 km from Rishikesh. After reaching the field, you can find hacks at the stage which will take you to Haridwar or Rishikesh. From there you can visit Chopta in a hack or by machine. 

 About 164–255 kilometres separate Rishikesh/Haridwar and Chopta. You might need to bespeak breakouts beforehand because it’s a veritably popular touring course and people from each over the world book flight tickets to have an experience of touring then. 

 By Rail 

 The Haridwar Junction Railway Station is the closest road connection with New Delhi and Dehradun. It takes anywhere between 4 to 8 hours to reach Haridwar by road from Delhi. 

 By Road 

 The National Highway 58 is connected to Haridwar where multitudinous motorcars travel daily. snare a seat on one of these motorcars and have the time of yourlife.However, you’ll be lucky enough to see the main lodestones on the way as well, If you plan to do a road trip. There are direct motorcars available from Delhi to Haridwar as well. 

 It takes a farther 5- 7 hours to reach Chopta from either Haridwar or Rishikesh by road.

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