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Best Monsoon Treks in India


First, in the 2013 blockbuster Bollywood movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Kabir played by Ranbir Kapoor and Naina played by Deepika Padukone embarked on an epic trek to Manali. In the 2014 film Wild, Lesse his Witherspoon character went solo on his adventure, both topographically and internally, and was once again given some key #destinations.

These films are one of the most memorable travel movies where trekking plays a major role and makes you want to go on an adventure. If the idea of ​​taking a break from the 9 to 5 grind isn’t enough reason, the enchanting scent of Petrichor and scenic nature blanketed in shades of green work like a charm. should do.

Monsoon is the perfect time to leave the gloomy gray of the city behind and head for the mountains. The deafening sound of raindrops hitting the ground, misty mountains, windswept hills, and mossy forests all bring out the adventurer in us. After all, there is something jarring about his trekking during the monsoons in India.

1. Andharban, Maharashtra

Andharban is located near Pimpri in Maharashtra, about 1.5 hours from Lonavala. Also known as the Dark Forest, this place is a trekking hotspot thanks to the evergreen Sahyadris and the misty landscape of the Tamhini Ghats.

Manasi Kedar, the event planner for Treks and Trails, a Mumbai-based trekking group, expects dense forests, many streams, and breathtaking views of the Kundalika Valley before gradually fading into the darkness of the forest. Enter. For a meal break, Kedar recommends stopping by the Vishal Padwal Hotel, where you can indulge in a non-veg thali.

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2. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

No wonder the Valley of Flowers has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The core zone of this Uttarakhand trekking area in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve transforms into a carpet of colorful flowers, demonstrating unparalleled natural beauty.

Open from June to October only. Monsoon season is the best season. After a 9 km trek from Purna, Gangaria is a great place to rest. Here you can choose from a variety of restaurants and hotels that serve simple meals. From there, continue for another 3.7 km and you will finally be able to rest in nature.

3. Garbet Plateau, Matheran, Maharashtra

Matheran Camping, Maharashtra is one of the most famous places in Maharashtra. Discovered as early as 1850 by the collector Hugh Points his Mallet of the Thane district, the Garbet Plateau offers his 360-degree panorama his view of the entire Matheran Mountains and is a must-see. With plateaus on one side, waterfalls on the other, and Lake Bibpuri below, his 2.5-hour trek in the monsoon is heaven.

‘The Garbet Plateau is probably the most popular monsoon he trek in Maharashtra as it has everything you need in a day trek. We’ll cross beautiful lakes, streams, and small waterfalls, and finish the tour through a jungle trail,” says Shannon Fernandez, co-founder of Vagabond Experiences. Don’t forget to enjoy a leisurely Maharashtrian snack. “At the end of the hike, you can buy roasted corn at Dastuli, Matheran,” he adds.

4. Visapur Fort Trek, Maharashtra

Located between Mumbai and Pune, Visapur offers stunning views of Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort, and John Lake. With an early departure, you can easily cover his two forts, Lohagad and Bissapur, on the same day. The road to Visapur is a 1.5- to 2-hour trek through a vast plateau, with several ponds, caves, and even gushing waterfalls, a sight best seen, especially during the monsoon season, he said. Vaishak JP, a professional climber from Mangalore who also does for groups.

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While there, be sure to visit the Valle Caves and marvel at the 22 caves carved into the rock. In terms of dining, JP recommends the Vihar Hotel for its local Maharashtrian cuisine. “I usually start with a plate of poha and chai and finish the trek in fear of the Maharashtrian non-veg thali,” he says. Kimbra trek leads to the highest peak of Wayanad, an amazing monsoon trek. A dreamy trail through the fog- and cloud-covered cliffs, green tea plantations, and watchtowers culminate in the perfect highlight, heart-shaped Lake Kembla.

An early morning start is recommended as the 7 km hike takes about 6 hours. One hour to the watchtower and two hours to the lake are separate. There are plenty of snack options at Base Camp, but we encourage you to bring your own snacks.

6. Kumara Parvatha Trek, Karnataka

His second highest mountain in Karnataka.

The famous temple of Kukke Subramanya at the foot of the mountain contributes to the popularity of this trek. Some sections of the trail are very tough even for experienced hikers, but the accompanying scenery makes his 14km climb well worth it.

After about 7 km of trekking, there is a check post and a house called Bhattara Mane recommended by JP. Batala means a kind of caste among Brahmins and Mane means house. “They serve a very simple but great vegetarian thali. All supplies are carried by workers in villages at the foot of the mountains,” he says.

7. The walk to Rajmachi

Rajmachi Fort, Lonavala, Maharashtra, and its two forts, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, is fairly easy and a great route for beginners. A relatively uncrowded hike, with a clear route from Lonavala and splitting Kedar, it is easily accessible. The cloud-covered uphill walk and the breathtaking views of Kataldar Falls and Boggart give the perfect monsoon atmosphere.

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If you start your trek from Kondane cave near Kondana village, it will take around 4 hours to reach the summit. Instead, Kedar recommends making a pit stop to relax and enjoy a quick home-cooked meal at Geeta Tai’s. If you are planning to stay, you may be able to meet fireflies if you are lucky.