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Best 10 Cat Games to Play With Your Friends

All of the best cat games involve our feline companions. We’ve produced a list of the top ten cat games, ranging from the classic Nintendo’s Plus Cats to the new Stray feline adventure.

This list will soon be reorganized, as Little Kitty, Big City (opens in a new window) will be released within the next year. Since Stray’s release necessitated modifications, we were unable to compile a list of the top cat games. We are convinced that we have compiled the finest cat-themed games. They provide countless hours of feline pleasure for you and your family. Explore our list of the best cat games to pick your favorite feline adventure.

10. Nintendogs + Cats

Even though the 3DS launch title is a decade old, cats will not forgive Nintendo for giving them second billing. Nevertheless, Nintendogs + Cats remains one of the most popular cat-themed video games ever made. The adorable likeness of three different kitten breeds (standard, longhair, and oriental) enables you to choose which lovely feline companions to create. If you have 3D enabled, it appears as if you are peeking into their home via a window. Kittens cannot be taught tricks or taken on walks like puppies, but they will periodically slip away and offer you gifts to demonstrate their affection. Even though none of the gifts are created from dead mice or birds, it is acceptable to abandon realism on occasion.

9. Catlateral Damage

Eventually, you will wish to play as a cat if you enjoy the concept of playing. The objective of Catlateral Damage is to search procedurally generated surroundings for the most harmful objects and destroy them. Occasionally, you may be able to pursue or capture a mouse, but ultimately, it is all about the sweet thrill of destruction. Catlateral Damage can be played on a flat-screen device, but it can also be played in virtual reality with full motion controls for an even more thrilling experience.

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8. Gravity Rush

Exists a game in which a woman can manipulate gravity? It is a worthy inquiry. One, she acquires all of her abilities from a mysterious space-dwelling cat that is your constant companion. Two, while not playing as a cat, you can play as Kat. The plot of Gravity Rush centers on Kat and Dusty. When you are not using your mouse for more than a few seconds, it is fantastic to observe Dusty moving around. Gravity Rush was manifestly designed by individuals with a strong and profound affection for cats.

7. Gato Roboto

Imagine if Samus Aran were a cat that performed the same actions as Samus Aran. You would then be playing Gato Roboto, a classic sidescroller with Metroid-inspired gameplay, lo-fi music, and pixelated visuals. The ship’s cat, Kiki, must fulfill her human’s duty. She will accomplish so by donning a suit and power armor and blitzing through hostile caverns while wearing them. However, she will occasionally need to demonstrate her feline agility. Gato Roboto, a brief and straightforward Metroid-style experience, is ideal for those moments when you need a little extra cat action in your life.

6. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

The definitive mobile game for cat collection is absent from all top cat games lists. Neko Atsume is a relatively straightforward game. You place toys and snacks in your yard for the cats, then wait for them to arrive and grab their stuff. That is all! It is all about “gathering” all the cats in your region. You may then use the presents they leave to purchase further cat-attracting items or to expand and improve your home to make it even more cat-friendly. To enable the observation of unusual cats, you must create the proper conditions. You can incorporate Neko Atsume into your regular routine. Who wouldn’t want further cartoon cats?

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5. Night in the Woods

The plot of Night in the Woods is around coming home and seeing that it has changed. This is essential for our selection of the best cat games. In this game, you assume the role of a cartoon cat. True, everyone is an anthropomorphic animal, but nobody cares about this fact. Night in the Woods does not wish to explain why everyone’s animals are in this deteriorating rust belt city. Mae, a highly damaged character who occasionally enjoys breaking things for the sake of breaking them, should be shown as a cat.

4. The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

It is irrelevant if your cat is present to defecate on the floor or whether you construct a digital clone of yourself. The Sims 4 main game does not support pets, however The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion pack does. Begin by making your furry companion utilizing a character creation suite that provides equivalent options and versatility to its Sim counterparts. Then, add them to your Sims 4 family and observe your heart expand. Although it is impossible to exert direct control over your pet, this is especially true for cats. However, your Sims can engage with and care for them in a variety of ways. If you are a fan of digital animal buddies, you can create your own veterinary practice.

3. Animal Crossing – New Horizons

We must also discuss the true objective of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, not merely the cat-collecting aspect. This game allows you to populate an island with cat-based residents. There are many other types of villagers to meet, and each has its own charms, but cats are irreplaceable. Raymond is the most sought-after villager in the entire New Horizon community; is this a mere coincidence? I don’t believe so. It is extremely plausible to envisage a group of prisoners lounging on the furniture as if they are the homeowners.

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2. Trap the Cat

Your objective is to prevent Trap The Cat from escaping. This cat is incredibly intelligent, so use caution. Popular online memes and contemporary global politics are also themes in the game. The cat will continue to explore the area in which it was caught, unable to move. It can be captured by touching the surrounding blocks. You are more intelligent than the cat, and each of your moves is clever, so be careful to construct a barrier around it.

1. Stray

Stray, a game in which the player controls a cat, is our number one pick. Stray enables you to push objects off of ledges and stroll over paint, leaving behind little pawprints. You can also scrape trees till your claws are satisfied. There is also a beautiful tale hidden beneath its hairy exterior. You will laugh, cry, and purr while playing this game with the DualSense controller for the PS5. Stray is the appropriate name for our favorite cat game. We hope you have the opportunity to fill Stray’s furry shoes soon. It is well worth the effort, believe us.