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Benefits of External Links and How To Get Them in 2023

SEO efforts should be directed at obtaining quality links. Your positioning can be significantly affected by external links that are included in the backlinks.

Google’s top priority is to provide the best information possible to its users. Backlinks are an important tool Google considers highly. They will then judge your content as good. But do internal links help SEO?

This is not something that you can do in a day. It is also a lengthy process that requires a lot of work.

Why is it important to have external links?

These links are important because they affect the ranking. Websites with many connections will rank higher in the rankings than those without them.

Here’s a list of external links that can affect the SERP.

  • Increased organic traffic
  • Referral traffic creation
  • Indexing is faster
  • Improved authority of the internet
  • Improved link juice
  • Stronger network.

How to obtain external links?

You must use link-building strategies to make your brand more authoritative and increase your ranking.

These are some smart ways to get external links:

  1. Create high-quality content. A website that has good and useful content is a favorite of all. You may get an external link if you make your content valuable and stand out from others.
  2. Develop relationships. You can also establish relationships with people who are doing the same thing you are. It is possible to make important contacts and expand your company’s reach by meeting people.
  3. Search for potential competitors. In almost all things, you must always consider your competition. Find out what type of strategy they use and copy them or optimize their processes for your website.
  4. Converts mention too. Instead of linking to another website, some websites will refer to the other site they are referring to. If you can do so, contact the website owners and politely request that they change these mentions to links.
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Good links vs. Bad links

This link seems to be something that can only help positively. Google can penalize links Google considers spammy or low-quality. It is important to ensure that backlinks are not penalizing your website and are quality.

Good links include Natural Links. These are links you receive for publishing high-quality content and have not asked others to do so.

Bad links or low-quality ones are those that are sent from sites that are not related or irrelevant to each other. They can be penalized by Google and become a burden.

Google’s evaluation of external links:

Now that you are aware of the differences between excellent and poor links, let us see how Google evaluates them. Also, do you know What is the difference between internal linking and external linking?

First, there are no set rules. Google changes its algorithm often, so you’ll need to keep up to date with what’s new.

These are the key factors Google uses to evaluate links.

  • Relevance. There are four types of relevance: domain-to-domain, page-to-page, domain-to-page, domain-to-page, or a hyperlink to a webpage.
  • Domain Authority. The web adding the link must be of high quality and have a certain authority.
  • Diversity. Positively rated by search engines are websites that have received their links naturally over time and from other websites, such as magazines, newspapers, and other websites.
  • Human Value. Google considers all users who visit the page that added the link. It is not a good sign if it has little traffic or is already dead.