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How to Fix Can’t Swipe Up on Apple Watch?

Apple has launched numerous devices that help people a lot and the Apple watch is one of them. There are different features in an Apple watch that make the device amazing however, this does not mean that the device that you are using is completely flawless as there are different issues that people have faced when they use an Apple watch and one of the most common errors that people have faced is apple watch can’t swipe up

If your Apple Watch swipe-up gesture is not working properly as this can be very problematic for people since you will not be able to access the different menus of your Apple watch and that is why here in the guide, we are giving you methods that will help you in resolving the issues that you are facing with your Apple watch. 

How Can You fix the Apple Watch Swipe Up Gesture issue?

If you are thinking why won’t my apple watch swipe up then, let me tell you that there can be numerous reasons for the same however, you need to focus on the solutions that will help you in resolving the issues that you are facing with your Apple watch. 

Solution 1: Force Restart the device

The simplest and the easiest method that a person can try to fix their issue is to force restart their Apple watch as the issue can happen because of something very trivial like a glitch in the device and that is why a simple reboot of your Apple watch can by holding the side power button for few seconds. This will completely reboot your device and fix any technical glitch that there is with your device. 

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Solution 2: Use your iPhone to Control your Apple Watch 

Apple has also introduced a new feature where you can use your iPhone to control your Apple watch and if you can’t swipe up on apple watch then, you can also make use of your iPhone to control the device. You can very easily mirror the Apple watch’s screen on your mobile phone to perform different actions on your Apple watch when the screen is not working. 

Solution 3: Carefully use the Edge of the screen to swipe up

If you are thinking why my apple watch won’t swipe up then, you need to carefully observe the action that you are using as all swipe gestures on Apple products will only work if you are swiping up from the edge of the screen and that is why you need to see if the action that you are using to swipe up is correct or not. You need to try the swiping gesture carefully from the edge of the screen to ensure that you can use different functions on your Apple watch. 

We hope that these methods can be used by you when you want to fix the swiping gesture of your Apple watch. There are many other methods that you can also use like removing the screen protector if you are using any to resolve the issues that you are facing with your Apple watch.

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